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Make Ahead Meals for the Busy Mom – CLOSED

I think the most typical Valentine’s Day date is dinner and a movie.  While dating, my husband and I did this routine for many years.  Booking a restaurant months in advance just to be jam packed, shoulder to shoulder with your date on one side and a stranger on the other side, unable to hear anything but the conversations going around you is not really my idea of a romantic evening.  Oh yes, then the movie, you sit next to your date unable to talk for 2 hours.  I’m not really sure where the romance is in either of these activities.

One of my most memorable Valentine’s Days was February 14th, 2004.  My husband and I had just gotten married and well, we didn’t have a lot of money –  I was paying off student loans and we didn’t have the best jobs.  Rather than doing the typical dinner out and a movie, we went to the grocery store and made a fancy dinner at home for less than 1/2 the price.  We made the whole meal together and had an excellent evening, together, just the two of us.

Now, where am I going with all this?!? I think it’s about the importance of making meals at home, and this next company is making it easy for us busy Moms to make special meals at home for our families. Make-Ahead Meals for the Busy Mom, is a recipe book full of amazing appetizers, soups, desserts and entree recipes that are simple and you can make ahead of time, freeze and serve.

What I like about Make-Ahead Meals for the Busy Mom, is that the recipes are easy to read with ingredients that I recognize.  I was able to make 2 things from the book (believe me, this is a HUGE accomplishment for me, I’m not much of a cooker or baker).  I made the Chicken Chimichangas, and the Christmas Bark.  I had nearly all the ingredients for both recipes.  I made a few adjustments with the Chimichangas, like using pita bread rather than tacos (because I realized after starting the recipe that I didn’t have enough tacos), but it didn’t make a difference to the taste at all.  It was delicious and super easy!  My husband even took some for lunch the next day (he would usually rather take a frozen dinner, than anything I cook – another huge accomplishment on my part).

The Christmas Bark was so simple as well, I actually thought I messed it up, by putting the sugar on the element without the butter.  I was sure that I messed it up, but added butter and let it bubble, and there was no problem at all.  Now, I know this is called Christmas bark, but it can be made anytime.  In fact, I plan on making some Valentine’s Day bark and put cinnamon hearts on the top.  I honestly could not get enough of this stuff, it is delicious, and once again more than simple to make.  I served this to a few guests, and made them guess what the main ingredients was – no one ever thought that it was regular saltine crackers.  This is super yummy and super easy to make.

I liked that the book had bigger print for a cook book, but I do wish there were more pictures.  I am a visual person so I wasn’t sure if I was doing things correctly.  Although everything tasted perfect, I’m sure my presentation could have been better.

There are a number of other recipes that I am looking forward to trying out, and if the rest are as easy and good as the two I have tried, I think I might like to start cooking.

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336 thoughts on “Make Ahead Meals for the Busy Mom – CLOSED

  1. I had a look through the table of contents and liked that she has included a section on side dishes. Often cookbooks deal in main courses.

  2. I love how you can freeze the recipes. I find that the hardest part about cooking.. they are never specific about freezing!

  3. At the website, I learned that 71.3 percent of women with children are in the labor force, with three out of four mothers working more than 30 hours per week.

  4. There are some great recipes in the table of contents. I also noticed she has a blog and there are a few interesting recipes there as well. Sign up for the newsletter and you will get a link to download 4 free recipes to try out!

  5. I saw some of the recipes in the book (yum-o) and also saw that the cookbook has 216 pages! Thanks for the review and giveaway! I’d love to have this cookbook!

  6. I saw in the table of contents that she has many recipes from appetizers, breakfast, desserts, side dishes and more. I’m always drawn to desserts section and found she has my hubby’s favorite: Tiramisu.

  7. I saw the Table of Contents. YUM! The blueberry squares would go over well in my house. My boys love blueberries.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  8. I learned that 71.3 percent of women with children are in the labor force, with three out of four mothers working more than 30 hours per week (me being one of them). There are also 140 receipes, giving me lots of choices.

  9. I’d like to try the Freezable Lemon Bars… cause I LOVE lemon bars! Not to mention my lemon tree is about to overwhelm me with home grown, organic lemons…

  10. There are so many recipes I would like to try from this cookbook. The Taco Lasagna sounds great and so does the Chicken Chimichangas that you made.

  11. They have a recipe for peanut butter fudge i am dying to try. I wish they had a recipr for cheddar chese muffins

  12. I checked out the recipes on the site and would love to make the Lemonade Cake


  13. On their site I saw that this cookbook is for me!! My husband and I don’t like vegetables, so it’s hard to have cookbooks becaue a lot of recipes require veggies.. but not this one! It has a lot of good recipes!

  14. even though i rarely use them……i LOVE cookbooks, i could sit and read them for hours!! 🙂 i’m sure that will change once the baby is born….anything to help be organized and prepared ahead of time!!

  15. The breakfast recipes look fabulous! I would especially like to try the lemon cranberry bread. It would be nice to have something different than cereal and coffee.

  16. I learned that that recipes in the cookbook are:
    • Simple to prepare.
    • Simple to assemble ahead of schedule.
    • Simple to freeze ahead.
    • Simple for the whole family to enjoy.
    I would love to try this cookbook!
    mojitosmommy@gmail.com (Mojito is my baby ShihTzu!)

  17. I learned that Americans now spend 48.9 percent of their food dollars away from home-the highest percentage on record. That’s crazy!

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  19. I love anything I can freeze and pull out later. I have health problems and have had multiple surgerys so when I schedule a surgery I also schedule cooking days before. This way my hubby can go to the freezer pull it out and dinner is done, Love it!!

  20. Simple to prepare.

    • Simple to assemble ahead of schedule.

    • Simple to freeze ahead.

    • Simple for the whole family to enjoy.

  21. The book sounds like it was made for me. We are so busy with the kids sports!! We are constantly running!! This would be great!

  22. I saw a table of contents wth lots of great, easy to prepare recipes. I would love to try the Rhubarb Streusel Bread.

  23. Something I saw on the Make-Ahead Meals for the Busy Mom site is: a wide variety of recipes. Many of the things listed seem impossible to make-ahead. I’m interested in finding out which (if any) of the things require same day cooking.

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