11 Feb

Gold Canyon – pod scents (2 winners) – CLOSED

Candles are a must for Valentine’s Day, they definitely set the romance mood.  Not just because of their flickering low flame (everyone looks good by candlelight) , but also because of their wonderful scents.  Some of the best scents I have had the opportunity to discover are from Gold Canyon.  I had the opportunity to review a few of their products last year, you can read the full review here.

Gold Canyon is back, to help you set the scene for your romantic night. Gold Canyon carries a huge assortment of candles, tea lights and pods – this is the newest addition to their line – a wickless candle.  Gold Canyon has a variety of pod warmers including one that looks like a mini candle stick that plugs into the wall, and the pod scents are placed into the pod and release their scents while they melt.  So there is no need to worry about an open flame (especially great for homes with little ones).  The pod candlestick also has an automatic timer for 4, 8 or 12 hours.

Whether you like the traditional candles or are interested in the pod, Gold Canyon has some wonderful scents to warm up your home for Valentine’s Day. One scent that I think is absolutely perfect for the holiday is Fabulous Fudge Brownie – yum!  Valentine’s Day isn’t Valentine’s Day without Chocolate!  The candles definitely have less calories than a box of chocolates.  Although the candles may smell good enough to eat, I wouldn’t recommend it.   The other scent that will help you set the theme with your loved one is Rose.  I always wonder how men (and women) can justify spending nearly $100 on roses that will last only a week.  I think I would be much happier if a man were to buy me a Rose scented candle that will last for months.  I’m a firm believer of the old saying “It’s the thought that counts”, and I think this gift shows lots of thought.

Gold Canyon has also added a body and bath line which makes finishing off your Valentine’s Day shopping even easier.  There is nothing I like more than a nice tub bath, with the lights dimmed (well maybe I love chocolate more, but it’s a toss up).  Gold Canyon carries a Bare Necessities Gift Package which is perfect for pampering and relaxing it also comes in a beautiful pink cosmetic bag.

If you are thinking about a romantic night in, Gold Canyon has thoughtful gifts that will make Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter) a success.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Gold Canyon (in Canada) and  Gold Canyon (In the US)

Giveaway: 2 lucky readers are going to receive 3 pod scents (1 Canadian & 1 American winner)

To Enter:

Canadians: Visit Gold Canyon

Americans: Visit  Gold Canyon

and make a comment back here about your favourite scents (please also include if you live in Can or US)

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Giveaway closes February 19 @11:59 pm PST.  Open to US and Canada


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433 thoughts on “Gold Canyon – pod scents (2 winners) – CLOSED

  1. I’d like to pick something original, but I want to smell those fabulous fudge brownies. I’d say they’ll have a hit there.

  2. My favorite scent is Cinnamon Garland. I have purchased these candles before and they are wonderful. They last forever and the scent spreads throughout a room as the wicks are burning.

    I live in the US.

  3. Recently purchased some candles from Gold Canyon and I am a completely satisfied customer. The candles I purchased a very light but fragrant scent. I am planning on purchasing more in the near future. But, first I’m hoping to win $$$$$ from candle with the promotion they have happening. Gold Canyon is giving away up to $5,000! What could you do with the extra money???? Hurry because this special will not last forever. Contact Marianne Becker and order yours today!

  4. I like so many! Faves are Apple Spice, Fabulous Fudge Brownie, Fresh Orange, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Spruce & Citrus. 🙂

  5. Sorry…
    On my first comment (#132) I forgot to say I live in U.S.A.
    I only said:
    I like so many! Faves are Apple Spice, Fabulous Fudge Brownie, Fresh Orange, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Spruce & Citrus.

  6. I love clean fresh smells so I would probably enjoy the “clean sheets” scent. I would also enjoy lilac and sweet pea two of my favorite scents.

  7. i just love the varity of ways to make your home smell pretty!!!
    i favor the Cinnamon Vanilla Wickless Candle Scent Pod® and fully intend to explore further. i have heard and expearences several types of home based buisnesses that offer similar types of stuff, but none reached the varity this site offets! prices and promoations are better too

  8. My favorite scents are Fresh Orange, Cinnamon, and Clean Sheets

    and I am in the US

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thanks bunches

  9. Hi, my favorite scents are: sweet pea, cinnamon and cucumber-melon.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and the opportunity to participate.

    P.S. I live in Canada.

  10. I am from Canada — the scents that interest me are the Sensual Linen Scent and the Mandarin Eucalyptus Clove. Thanks for the great giveaway:)

  11. I love their candles and woud love to try the Moroccan Amber Vanilla Bella scented one.I also love the Lilac scented candles.
    I am in the U.S. Thanks for the giveaway:)

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  13. I live in the US and I love Lilac, Wildflower, and Gardenia! I also love your site and your wonderful giveaways!

  14. I like Cranberry Orange Scented Candle for Haiti Relief, Ginger Lime Scented Candle for Haiti Relief & Pomegranate Scented Candle for Haiti Relief and live in US

  15. I would love to try the Moroccan Amber Vanilla, Tranquil Mist and Lavender and Black Ambre scents. I live in US.

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  17. I’d have to see eye to eye with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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