27 Jan

Wonder Hanger – CLOSED

Closet space is at a premium in our house.  As my Dad calls it, we have  a “hers & hers walk in closet”.  Ok, it’s not that bad, but my clothing does take up a heck of a lot more space than my husbands.  He has one little section in our walk in, and due to the Wonder Hanger, his little section just got smaller – but mine did too!

The Wonder Hanger was very easy to set up and very exciting to put in our closet to see how well the system actually worked.  My husband wears mostly golf and dress shirts for work, so it was very easy to test out the Wonder Hanger on his side.  Each Wonder Hanger is able to hold 5 garments on any hanger (although I did find it looked neater with all the same hanger, but it didn’t matter much at all).  There are 5 wonder hangers in each pack, so if you do the math, 5 x 5, carry the one,,, there you have it, 25 garments for 1 package.  It really made my husbands side look extra neat and tidy, and did clear up a lot of space to put more of my things on his side.

However, on my side of the closet there are 2 horizontal bars (one is up high, the other is lower), I have founds that when I put some longer clothing on the Wonder Hanger on the top bar, it will land on top of the shelf of the lower bar. Not much of a big deal, but it doesn’t look as neat and tidy as my husbands side.  However, it has given me more space to go out and buy more clothes.

When putting clothes away, It is easiest to put your clothes back on the Wonder Hanger when both rings are on the bar.

Having a neat and tidy closet is not something many people can say they have.  I’m not saying that mine is completely neat and tidy by any means, but the Wonder Hanger sure has helped the situation.

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412 thoughts on “Wonder Hanger – CLOSED

  1. Well the state of my closet is what I like to call a small disaster zone. You know; never enough room: these hangers would do wonders for my organization!

  2. I have one tall closet for both my BF’s and my clothes. We had to by brackets and shelves and make it a two story closet. Luckily my BF is tall so he has the top pole and I have the bottom. The problem is that he’s a big guy so my clothes end up close to the floor…. and there’s not enough room.

  3. The state of my closet is – over full. I share a closet with my husband and daughter, and our bedroom closet is also where all the blankets, pillows, suitcases, bags, necklaces, and our mini filing cabinet live. Help!

  4. Well, our closet is full. It’s relatively organized, but it is true that we have to get rid of one thing whenever another thing comes in because we are just out of room!!

  5. My closet isn’t to bad but my 2 girls closets are disgusting, everything jammed in there,can’t get the doors to close, there is clothes in there that we have forgotten about till they don’t fit anymore.
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  6. my closet is in a constant state of shuffling, never enough room ,always trying to stuff this or that in , i could sure use this to organize and make some space , it would be sooo great !!
    roswello athotmail dot com

  7. The state of my shared closet w/ hubby is so bad! I think the worst problem beside cramming is things falling off hangers. I could really use this!

  8. My closet is a mess. My man and I share a closet so even though it’s pretty decent size, we are running out of room. There are things piled on the floor, in the corners, and on shelves!

  9. My husband and I share a closet, so it is pretty packed. I’d love to try this to free up some room.
    Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  10. Well besides being itty bitty my closet is a mess of old baby toys and husbands shoes, no joke I have maybe 3 pairs but this man… oi vai! 😛

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  12. What closet!
    A man must have built this house that had no clothes!
    I have a 3ft wide closet in both bedrooms that looks like a bomb went off.
    Teenage daughter in one bedroom and a husband that has 2xxl tall clothing in our room.
    would love to try these hangers.

  13. Our closet is so small, I don’t even bother hanging my clothes in there except for dresses and skirts. My husband has more clothes in our closet than I do!

  14. I am a chronic book collector, so of our two upstairs closets, one holds ALL our clothes and the other holds ALL my books. Needless to say, we could use more clothing space!

  15. My husband’s closet is horrible. He even bought some metal hangers recently because they take up less space in the closet. I figured it was time to downsize the amount of clothes he has, but whatever… Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. my closet is organized by color but boy is it crammed. i guess i need to try hangers like this or take over my husbands closet

  17. My closet is a bit over-crowded. I keep it organized but apparently have too many clothes so a bit crammed. These would help ease up the crowding.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  18. The state of my closet is really good right now — I just recently cleaned it up. However, I can’t put anything more into it!!! So this would help lots and it would also help to keep my closet clean:) Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  19. My closet although twice as big as the old house is crammed full of clothes and my husbands electrical wires and equipment. I’d love to be able to put things not used often like halloween costumes on these hangers!

  20. Just this morning I had to move shoes so that I could get into my closet. Everything is so crammed together that it needs to be ironed. I guess I should be thankful that I have a full closet.

  21. I have three regular closets. Other than a few dress shirts belonging to my husband, they are full of my clothes. And, I do mean f-u-l-l. One of the closets can’t even squeeze a thin shirt into it at this point. And, I can barely get anything out of it. It’s a nightmare.

  22. My closet is awful! We don’t have enough space so our clothes end up on top of the dresser. It’s terrible!

  23. This would be awesome for my teenage daughter’s closet. The state of her is described as crowded and full!

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  25. I don’t have enough closets so the few that I do have are so stuffed. Clothes get wrinkled from being squashed. These hangers look like the solution! 🙂

  26. My closet(s)are all a disaster and I can never find anything. I’ve seen the ads for the Wonder Hanger on TV and been very tempted to try it. Your review was very helpful and given our austerity budget, I would love to win this one!

  27. Oh my. The state of my closet. Are you sure you want to know? It’s bad…and that’s an understatement. I’m a bit closet-challenged and would LOVE to try the Wonder Hanger.

  28. here its my husband that has so many clothes…he has tons. He has ran out of closet space so he throws things on the floor of the closet. Its a major disaster. I told him the other day I would really appreciate it if he cleaned up the mess. He said “ok I will see that it gets done….then said to me ‘clean up the mess’ there it will get done now”

  29. The state of my closets are horrible,every time the door is opened things fall out,an I cant find anything when I do get in there ,so hopefully this might help me out


  30. what closet? I rent a house that has 0 closets. my clothes are hanging in my cardboard moving wardrobe boxes!!

  31. I work with kids and so my closet is full of work stuff. Then we had to buy a wardrobe because where would we put our clothes?
    We are moving this spring and the Wonder hanger would help me on the right track to having a real closet.

  32. my closet is a disaster …all the clothes are just squashed in there lol and yes I cleaned it out

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  33. I don’t have a closet, it’s more like a storage room lol we live in a small apartment and store all our unusables in the master closets. then we stuff our clothes where we can. it’s a mess!

  34. My hubby has occupied the walk-in closet in our room and I have used a small room in our house as my own closet … however since I have put so much things in there … every time when I need to find a coat or a handbag or something, I have to go through the narrow space in there to conduct the search and sometimes this will make things falling from the shelves …

  35. My closet is jam packed filled with stuff.the floor, the racks and the shelf on the top. There is barely room for anything else anymore


  36. We don’t have a closet in our bedroom so we share a closet with our son, and it is not a very big closet to begin with. I have trouble even finding clothes in it because it is packed so full, so these would help a lot!

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