28 Jan

Sharkeys Cuts for Kids – Free Hair Cut – CLOSED

I love a good hair cut.  Going to a salon and having someone massage your head and play with your hair for an hour is so relaxing, not to mention getting a full hour to myself without being crawled on a busy toddler.  I can’t understand why children have such an opposition to get their hair cut.  Maybe it’s because they can think of a 1000 other things they would like to be doing other than sitting in a chair doing nothing – what a waist of time right.  (Oh how times change).

Sharkeys Cuts for Kids, is a franchise that makes hair cuts for kids (and moms and dads) fun!  There is a Sharkeys Cuts for Kids in Bedford, Nova Scotia, this is within the Halifax Regional Municipality.  I recently went to Sharkeys for a Mom get together (because they have super cute meeting rooms as well), and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw this place.  I had no idea at all that such places existed for hair cuts – for kids.  So what’s all the fuss about?!?

Sharkeys Cuts for Kids makes hair cuts fun – I recently went to Sharkeys for my daughters first haircut.  Rather than sitting in a regular black chair to get a hair cut, she sat in a Barbie Jeep, and watched Tree House.  They also have yellow Hummer or a #8 Dale Earnhardt NASCAR cars.  Children can pretend to drive around and watch themselves in the mirror while they get a hair do.  Less moving around means a better cut too.  I was very impressed at both how well my daughter did, and how great the cut looked.  She even got pigtails!  We also received a certificate and a lock of hair for her baby book.

For the older kids, Sharkeys Cuts for Kids also has Play Station 3′ s and X Box 360’s with 42′ flat screen tv’s that your child can play while getting a hair cut.  Many dads beg to bring their kids to Sharkeys so while their children are getting their hair cut, they can play a few minutes of uninterrupted Halo.

After your child is done their haircut, the boys can get a temporary tattoo and the girls can get their nails painted (all included in the experience)!  From start to finish, Sharkeys has all things covered, making haircuts a positive experience.

Sharkeys also has an artists room where kids can get together for classes and be creative.  They also have a beautiful Princess Glam Party room!  This room is fantastic, with huge wall to wall mirrors with spot lights, and many many many dresses for girls to pick from and then the girls can get their makeup and hairdo all ready for a big show.  The huge room has a mini stage with a karaoke machine and a camera to tape the show along  with a huge TV to watch it live.  This place is amazing for a young girl to have a birthday party.  The wall of fame with all the happy birthday girls party is sure to convenience anyone that the parties are a huge success.

Sharkeys Cuts for Kids also has toys and accessories for sale in their “salon”, one item that is really cool is the Tracksters.  I’m sure everyone knows about the interactive plush toys that girls can get.  The one where you have a physical toy that also has an online identity.  Most of those toys are for girls, but Tracksters is the same idea with dinky cars for boys.  Your boys will love it – they have a physical and virtual toy to play with.

For a haircut, and lots of fun everyone will have a good time at Sharkeys Cuts for Kids

Visit Sharkeys Cuts for Kids at 30 Damascus Road, Bedford, Nova Scotia!

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To Enter: Visit Sharkeys Cuts for Kids and make a comment back here about something you saw on their site

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Giveaway closes February 5th @11:59 pm PST.  Open to anyone that can make it to Bedford, NS.


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  1. I didn’t realize they had a location in Bedford. I would love to take my DD for her first haircut. Love the Barbie jeep.

  2. Great place for a birthday party, but I wish they have something in the party for the boys too. Glamour Mom sounds fun as well

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