30 Nov

Arnold Schwarzenegger – DVD Collection


Christmas Gift Idea for Men

The Governator – who would have ever thought that an Austrian body builder would become and actor, and then move on to be the Governor – of California – of all states!  Arnold Schwarzenegger has made quite a name for himself in the good ol’ US of A.

terminator-2In my mind, Arnold will always be the Terminator although he has played many roles in successful movies such as Total Recall, Red Heat and the Running Man.  Most of his roles and action packed, and tend to show off some great muscles (keeps the ladies interested in the action movies too).  If you are an action fan or more specifically an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, then you have to get new 4 disk DVD collection which came out in 2009.


The box set includes the actions movies Total Recall, Red Heat and the Running Man, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  Of these, my favourite is Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  I remember in 1991 when this movie was released, I was just 11 years old.  The movie was rated R, but this did not stop me from sneaking into the theater at least 10 times to watch the movie.  I was in love with Eddie Furlong, who played John Connor.


Terminator 2: Judgement Day is a classic movie, and continues to be referred to in almost every day language.  People are still using terms like “I’ll be back”, and “Hasta La Vista, Baby”, nearly 20 years later (eekkk, where has the time gone).  It won many awards including the People’s Choice Award for best picture.  Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of my favourite movies (in my top 5 for sure), and I am very happy to have it on DVD, so is my husband.

Total Recall, which was released in 1990 was also a huge hit for Arnold Schwarzenegger, winning 5 awards and being nominated 13 times.  Sharon Stone is also in this film so it’s sure to get the mens blood pumping.  If action isn’t enough to get men excited, I’m sure the sight of Sharon Stone is.

the-running-manRed Heat (1988) and The Running Man (1987)  are some Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier work, but do not lack the typical Arnold action  and even a bit of humor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great actor, and has charisma that captures everyone – men love action, and women love muscles (and accents).  This box set of some of Arnold’s greatest movies is sure to be a hit with everyone this holiday season.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Amazon.com

29 Nov

Mrs. Smith – Diaper Bag ($69 – $99) 2 Winners – CLOSED

Christmas Gift Idea for New Mothers

Diaper bags – you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  I sure we have all had those diaper bag moments, where we are searching through an endless mess of items to find that very important item like a soother, to eventually find it at the very bottom corner and full of whatever else is in the bottom of the diaper bag (old cheerios, dried milk – you name it).  Mrs. Rachael Smith, mom of 2 kids had this exact experience one too many times, and decided to take matters into her own hands.  She decided she was going to create a diaper bag that was functional, and she did – bang on! Not only did she cover the function aspect, she also got the style bang on too. mrs-smith-diaper-bag

I was more than thrilled to receive a Mrs. Smith Diaper bag for review in the ultra mod brown with pink dots pattern.  This is by far, the most organized diaper bag I have ever used.  It feels so nice to know where everything in my diaper bag is, so there is no need to fiddle around waisting time looking for something while my daughter is crying her head off wanting for her bottle/toy/bum to be changed.

The top compartment is perfect for clothing, bottles (there are 3 insulated spots for bottles), sippy cups ,pacifiers, band-aids, and food in jars.  I also keep my handy dandy portable cloth high chair in this section. There is a small little zipper pouch and a larger pocket with velcro in the top section.   The bottom section which is a little drawer that is zippered in, is good for snacks and toys, or anything else you want to be able to locate in a hurry.  I think I am going to use it to put all the essential diaper changing material in this section so I can just pull out the drawer and have everything I need in one convenient spot.  I will just have to pull out the drawer and the diaper cream, wipes and diapers will all be ready to go, making diaper changing a breeze.Speaking of diaper changes, the Mrs. Smith diaper bag also has a change pad which is cleverly hidden in the top section of the flap.  It is washable and super easy to take out and put back.  Justs need to be rolled up and placed in it’s special little place and it’s ready to go for next time. The Mrs. Smith diaper bag can also be turned into a backpack style diaper bag.  The clever design uses still one strap, but loops through a little slot along the back of the bad, and clips onto 2 D rings on the bottom creating a fully functional back pack – too smart.

mrs-smith-diaper-bag1Rachel Smith has thought of everything when it comes to this organized diaper bag, there is also a large document section in the back that can hold an 8 x 10 binder, 2 small pouch on the outside for a cell phone/and or wallet, a mesh pouch and a pouch with a string.  If you are a working mom, you can use these special features to your advantage, and use it for your business needs. Last, but certainly not least, the  Mrs. Smith diaper bag has one very smart  feature.  The top flap does not zipper all the way around, the two sides zipper up, but the top has verlco, so you can jam pack the top of the bag as much as you want and the velcro will keep the bag closed – so smart. I am in love with my new diaper bag, it fits our lifestyle so nicely, and it looks great too – what more could a busy mom ask for?  This is one diaper bag you can’t live without.

Buy it: To Purchse, visit  Mrs. Smith online

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29 Nov

Guinness World Records 2010

Christmas Gift Idea for Men

My husband seems to know a lot of useless facts – which end up being really quite interesting.   Most of which have come from something he came across the internet or something he read in the paper. But now he has a new method to add to his unlimited amount of facts – the Guinness World Records 2010 Book.

guinness-world-records-2010The hard covered Guinness World Records 2010 book, comes complete with 287 coloured pages worth of amazing, odd, fascinating and just plain stupid world records.  You will find interesting facts like, the most amount of dogs getting married at one time, the ever popular longest fingernails, and the fastest 1/2 marathon – with a stroller.  Nearly each Guinness Book of World Records has a picture of the record holder, and in some cases also mentions when the record was attempted to be broken, but was not.

The Guinness World Records 2010 book is well laid out with sections such as Planet Earth, The Body, Animals, Arts & Media and sports just to name a few.  There is also a an introduction in the first page of “Firsts”, for example, did you know the first email was sent in 1971?!?  There is also an unbreakable section that lists many records that are unlikely to be broken, for example, the largest diamond is 3,106 carats and was found in 1905 – imagine carrying that on your finger.

If you want to become a record breaker, there is also a detailed section that has a step by step guide on how to be a part of the Guinness World Records.

The Guinness World Records 2010 is a very fun book, you will learn so many crazy and amazing things that have happened around the world – some are unbelievable, while others are just plain strange.  But overall, it will create lots of conversation and makes a great coffee table book.

I gave the Guinness World Records book to my brother-in-law a few years ago as a Christmas gift, and he spent lots of time sifting through the pages telling us all about the crazy things people have done.  Men seem to love this sort of thing, because as soon as this book made it into our home, my husband was doing the same thing.

28 Nov

Simpsons Scene it DVD Game


Christmas Gift Idea for Men

I grew up with The Simpsons, in fact, when the first episode aired, I was in grade 4 just like Bart.  I had a really strong connection with Bart “Don’t have a Cow Man” and “Cowabunga” really meant something to me.  What 10 year old didn’t get Bart’s rebellion? As the show continued on for years (and years and years), it continued to appeal to my generation.  Slowly, as we got older the focus left Bart and become Homer, because the generation watching The Simpsons were getting older (Ah,,, that’s me, and I am about to turn the BIG 3-0)

When we had the opportunity to review the new Simpsons Scene it?  game, I must say my husband and I were pretty pumped.  The Simpsons were on every day at 5 o’clock on CBC, so needless to say we watched every episode at least 100 times.

We’d played other Scene it? games so we knew what to expect, a great mix of questions on our television and cards.  The Scene it? questions include clips, trivia questions and puzzlers like crosswords, each are introduced with a different Simpson scene.  Although we have watched the show over and over again for 20 years (OMG – I am so old), the questions were really tough.  There are so many characters that we have met on the Simpsons, it’s hard to remember all their names, and put them into certain contexts.

My husband and I did have a lot of fun playing.  Despite a lot of the hard questions that we did not know, there were lots of questions that were hard and we did know.  The Simpsons Scene it? Edition really got our brains thinking.  We had lots of laughs and talked about old episodes.  It is really quite amazing how much of the Simpsons are engraved into our brains.

Whether or not you are a huge Simpsons fan, everyone will have fun playing this game.  If your brain doesn’t seem to retain useless information, not to worry there are questions that can be answered just by watching the video clips, and uses memory, and observation to answer different questions so everyone can be on the same playing field.

The Simpsons Scene it? game is also great just to have playing in the back ground during a party.  There is a party feature on the DVD that will continually play trivia questions, and puzzlers over and over again without having to be restarted.

28 Nov

Google Friend Connect


Well, I did it…. I think I may be the very last blogger out there that didn’t have the Google Friend Connect option on their blog.   I’m not really sure what it’s all about, other than people can “follow” my blog, but thought I would test it out to see why everyone else has it (I didn’t think I was a lemming).

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27 Nov

Scentsy – warmer & scent bar ($40) – CLOSED


Christmas Gift Idea for the home

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh home?  There are lots of gizmo’s and gadgets out there to help make your home a better smelling place, but the most effective product I have received to date is the Scentsy Warmer.  I usually love having delicious smelling candles in the home, but with a small child at home, the flame is a huge temptation.  The Scentsy warmer, has all the great aspects of a candle, but without the hazard of a flame.

scentsy1The Scentsy warmer is made from ceramic, and plugs into any outlet in your home.  The warmer also has a light bulb that illuminates so you still see the effects of a “candle burning” without the flame.  The warmer itself has a little cave in the top where the wax sits and when plugged in the wax melts and leaves a wonderful aroma in the home.   The warmer has an on/off  switch so it is very easy to get the scents flowing around your home – no need to mess with matches.

scentsyThere are so many different fragrances to choose from.  For review, Scentsy sent vanilla – my favourite.  The vanilla wax comes in a large brick with 6 sections.  It is very easy to snap one of the cubes off, and just place it into the top section of the warmer.   Other scents include Bakery favourites, like Key Lime Pie, and Apple Pie (yummy), Tropical flavors like Coconut Palm, and Cafe fragrances such as Holiday Chai and coffee (I love the smell of fresh made coffee).  Whatever smells you like best, there is sure to make everyones mouth (or nose) water just by the names of the fragrances.

When the Scentsy warmer is turned off, the wax becomes hard again, and is ready for the next time you flick the switch on.  My suggestion would be to get 2 or 3 of the warmers so you can have a few different scents in your home.  It would be great if it were easy to just change the wax in the warmer, but I believe the best bet is to just add a new cube of wax to the top.

I was also sent some delicious Christmas scents (which are also shaped as Christmas characters like Santa) for review. We don’t put up a real tree at Christmas time, we spend the holidays in the country with my family, so the poor tree would just dry up and die.  I love the smell of a real tree, and now with  the new Christmas Tree scent I was sent from Scentsy, I can have the beautiful aroma of a tree in my  home without having the needles in my feet!  The other scents are cranberry and caramel, both are fantastic and have such a warm holiday feeling associated with the smells.

Here is a video about the Scentsy warmers:

The warmer and fragrances from Scentsy are fantastic.  There are so many choices in both the warmers and scents.  The warmers come in a wide range of holiday designs, and new fragrances are always being added to the line for the holidays.  It is a great and easy way to make your house smell good enough to eat – I think that’s what gingerbread houses are all about?!?

I also received some car candles for review.  Although they are called candles, they are not candles at all, they are a round car air freshener.   The car candle is pretty strong, so I put it in the glove box to mute the smell.  It gives the car a beautifully delicious subtle scent of vanilla.

To my Canadian readers: Scentsy business opportunity just opened in Canada in November, if any of you are interested in some extra income you can contact Tricia : triciabrook@yahoo.com

Buy it: To purchase, visit Scentsy

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26 Nov

Strider Running Bike – 2 Bikes (1 US and 1 Can) – CLOSED


Christmas Gift Idea for Adventurous Kids ages 1 – 5

What’s more exciting than getting a new bike – especially on Christmas Day?  To be honest, as a young child, I don’t think there was anything better than getting a shiny new bike.  The old bike was usually too short and had too many bangs and scratches on it to count.  New bikes bring a feeling of excitement with all the future adventures you will have together.  Do you also remember learning to ride a bike?  Uh,,, how hard was that? I had training wheels on my bike for what seemed like FOREVER.  I wanted to go, go, go, but my wheels kept me from going to all those exciting places I wanted to explore.  Training wheels just don’t work in deep mud puddles.

My daughter along with other toddlers will no longer have to go through the painful experience of “learning” how to ride a bike.  Much like talking, they will just learn on their own with the Strider Running Bike.  This Bike for toddlers, doesn’t have any peddles, is low to the ground and is made specifically for little ones to learn balance.  So before getting your kids a trike with 3 wheels, go straight for a two wheeler.

Strider Running Bike is suggested for children ages 1 – 5.  I would say the earlier you start your kid on the Strider Running Bike, the better.  The benefit to the Strider Running Bike is your child learns balance without really having to learn – they will just end up “getting” it on their own – much like a language.  We’re not sure how we learn to talk as a baby, we just do.

For review, Strider Sports Canada sent us a bike in pink.  The bike came packaged up, and was easy to assemble (it even came with it’s own wrench).  It took about 5 minutes to just add the front wheel and the handlebars.  At first, DD was a little reluctant with her new toy, but after she saw me running and pushing the Strider around, she wanted to have fun too.

I sat her on the low seat, which is the perfect hight for her – as she gets taller, the seat can go higher.   I pushed her around the house and she enjoyed herself.  There were lots of giggles and smiles.  Then, she wanted to be independent – she started walking herself around on the Strider bike.  At first, she was walking alongside the bike and pushing with the handlebars.  She had to make sure that the bike stayed up as she walked along. Sometimes it fell over, but she would pick it up and try again. She then put her leg over the seat and started walking along with the bike with each foot on either side of the bike.  She’s pretty slow, but it’s great to see her trying.  She does not yet sit on the seat and push herself, but just walking around with the bike is an excellent start.

strider-running-bike-1I will continue to let her use the Strider Running Bike. For toddlers, this is the easiest and best way that they can learn to ride a bike without “having to learn”.   I can see an improvement in her abilities in just a short amount of time.  She will probably be the youngest bike rider around town.   Because she is so young, she wont have any memory of learning how to ride a bike, and will probably be teaching other kids how to ride their bikes.

I wish Strider bikes existed when I was a child.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Strider Sports Canada and Strider Sports in US

Giveaway: 2 Lucky My Wee View readers are going to win a Strider bike.  One Canadian and one US readers are going to win a Strider Bike ($135CDN & $98US )

To Enter: Visit Strider Sports Canada, and make a comment back here about something you saw on their site.  Also, please leave your state or province.

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Giveaway closes December  11th @ 11:59 pm PST. Open to US and Canada


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