30 Sep

Winners & Giveaways ending October 2

Winners for: Mocobabies – Flash Cards & Little Helper Signing StickersSpot Me ID – Gift Pack all 3 Spot Me ID ProductsCustom Creations – Personalized Engraved SignNaturally Baby – Diaper Cream (2 Winners)Born 2 Impress – $25 Gift CertificateZooni – Item of your choicePish Posh Mommy Stuff – Diaper bag/organizer


Congrats to all the wonderful winners 🙂  Please respond to the email I sent to you within 72 hours.

The following giveaways end October 2nd, make sure to get your entries in before 11:59 pm PST.  Good luck everyone.

30 Sep

1000 Facebook Fans


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you!  I can not believe that My Wee View has 1000 Facebook Fans already.  After the name change, I was most upset to lose all my Facebook Fans!  Twitter and email subscribers were all simple to transfer over, but unfortunately Facebook does not allow for a Fan Page name to be changed (although a Facebook Group can be changed – Go figure).  As I slowly watched the Facebook Page increase from 1 to 2 to 10 Fans, it eventually reached 100 (it felt like an eternity), then 780 (where I was at before) and now over 1000 – in just a month and a half.  It is absolutely incredible and I am deeply Thankful to all of you for being a part of My Wee View.

Thank you!

If you have yet to be a part, here is the link to become a Fan!

30 Sep

Growing Readership


Dana Watson from Fun and Funky Mommy had a  question about how to grow readership.  Here is her question:

I joined your blog back when you first stared up, I have since then started up my own review/giveaway blog and was wondering if you have any tips on how to grow my readership?

Although we all want our blog to be huge as soon as we start out, it does take time to build up readers.  Here are some suggestions to get people to come to your site, and build your readers.

One great thing about Mommy bloggers is that they are involved with many Meme’s – what a Meme? Glad you asked – I just found out a few weeks ago myself.  I looked up Meme in Wiki and this is what I got:

A meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with “cream”[1]) is a postulated unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices, and is transmitted from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena.

If you have been to other Mommy bloggers websites, you will see things like Wordless Wednesdays, Make it Mondays, or quizzes about this or that, these are all Memes.  Many of these sites will then have a section where you can link up your website to that post.  If you participate in the same Meme, link your site and you should get some traffic to your blog and some readers.  Maybe you want to start having Meme’s on your site just so you can link to other blogs.  There are many many different types of Memes so find one or 2 or 3 that appeal to you.

Another thing you can do to increase your readership is to posts on other blogs.  If you have a review and giveaway blog, visit other review and giveaway blogs and make posts and enter giveaways.  Many giveaway blogs have a section where you can post your website when making a comment (like on my site).  Make sure to put your URL in this section – you will be surprised how many people click on those links.  Or, if you have a cooking blog, visit other cooking blogs and make comments.

If you visit regular forums or websites where you can chat with people, put your website address at the bottom of your signature.  Usually if you are involved with a forum these are people that you get to know, but maybe you don’t want to bombard them with your new site.  By putting your web address in your signature, curious people will visit.  Also include your website address at the bottom of your emails.  Whether you are sending emails to friends or PR reps, include your website along with any other places you are (Twitter or Facebook) in your signature.

The biggest way to grow your readership – especially if you have a review and giveaway blog, is to post your giveaways to sites that list giveaways.  You can read more about this in a previous post I wrote about Promoting Your Giveaways.

Growing readership takes time, a lot of time.  You also have to acknowledge your current readers, to keep them loyal and make them feel valued.  Many times I will thank people for blogging about the giveaways on my site.  I wish I had time to thank each and every person that tweets and posts on Facebook, but there is just not enough time.

Thanks to Dana for the great question this week.

If you have a blog or website, what have you done to help to grow your readership?

29 Sep

Mickey’s Christmas Carol DVD – CLOSED


I am all about the Holiday classics, and since I have been a young girl, I have know about the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.  Scrooged is a holiday classic that makes it’s way into everyone’s home.  Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a rendition of the holiday classic with Mickey Mouse as Bob Cratchit and Scrooge McDuck as Ebeneezer Scrooge.  Poor Mickey works for pennies everyday to take care of his family and is happier than Scrooge McDuck that has a bank full of money.  This cartoon version of a holiday favourite makes me all warm inside when Scrooge McDuck realizes what the season of Christmas is all about.  As the old saying goes, it is better to give than receive.   Although we think money is what brings us happiness, we learn that family and friends are what bring warmth to our hearts.

mickeys-christmas-carolTo celebrate the Holiday Season, Walt Disney Home Studios Entertainment is bringing this holiday classic back out on DVD with 3 other holiday tales including, “Pluto’s Christmas Tree”, “The Small One”, and “Santa’s Workshop” which is available in English, French and English subtitles.  The DVD also comes with a collectible lithograph print.

My family and I enjoy the Mickey’s Christmas Carol as much if not more than any of the Scrooged movies.  The movie sends the same positive message, but in a way that the whole family can enjoy – and isn’t this the way you want to enjoy a holiday classic? With the whole family?

Giveaway: Walt Disney Home Studio Entertainment would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a Mickey’s Christmas Carol DVD

To Enter: What is the most important part of the holidays in your house?

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Giveaway ends October 9th @ 11:59 pm PST. Open to US and Canada


28 Sep

Winnie the Pooh: Season of Giving DVD – CLOSED


Although the blustery season is on it’s way, there are many things that I enjoy about winter.  It turns out that Hundred  Acre Woods also has some things they like about the wintertime.  To celebrate the 10th anniversary of  “The Season of Giving”, Walt Disney and Studio Home Entertainment have come out with a special on DVD available September 29th.  “The Season of Giving” is a full-length adventure with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit as they set out to find the season they have missed – Winter.


The “Season of Giving” brings the warm feeling of winter activities, which involves friendship and good food during the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.   There are also some memorable songs which you will find yourself humming throughout the day.  The DVD also includes 2 bonus Pooh adventures, “The Magic Earmuffs” and the “Wishing Bear”.  The DVD also comes with a mini stocking with the characters of “The Season of Giving”.

Winnie the Pooh is one of my favourite cartoons and the “Season of Giving” is a classic holiday movie that my family will continue to enjoy as the years go on.

Giveaway: Walt Disney and Studio Home Entertainment would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a “Season of Giving” DVD.

To Enter: Leave a comment with your traditions are for the holidays

Bonus Entries:

Giveaway ends October 9th @ 11:59 pm PST. Open to US and Canada


28 Sep

The Soft Landing – $20 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

One thing that my daughter loves doing is chewing things, next to jumping this is her favourite past time.  It doesn’t matter if it’s meant to be in her mouth or not.  She will chew on anything from rocks to socks and everything in between.  This is why it is important to me to know what is in the items she is putting in her mouth.  Alicia Voorhies, a registered RN and the owner of The Soft Landing is very passionate about making sure the products children use are safe and toxin free.  In fact, she is so passionate about safe and healthy products that her blog has been featured on ABC News and the New York Times.

soft-landingThe Soft Landing offers organic, toxin and chemical free products for babies, children, parents and even pets!  If there is one thing we should all be worried about, it’s toxins.  Lately there has been a lot of news on children’s products that have lead based paints.  You can be guaranteed that all the products have been tested to be safe to chew and do not carry any harmful products.

For review, The Soft Landing sent us Earthen Tree Natural Wood Tommy Turtle Toy.  The turtle is BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free, is handcrafted and colored with natural vegetable dyes from sources such as the Indigo Plant and Turmeric Powder.  So there is no need to worry when this toy makes it into DD’s mouth.

The Earthen Tree Natural Wood Tommy Turtle is a very cute toy as well.  The bright red shell that sits on top of the turtle turns around while it’s pulled across the floor.  It’s so cute to see the little shell rotating around.  The design is very clever.  The shell touches the circle feet which causes it to turn while it is being dragged across the floor.  I think DD is a little too young to get the concept, but all of the adults were very impressed with the turtle.

I did find that the string to pull the turtle was a little short, but it would be very easy to add a little bit of slack when she gets older so she can pull the turtle along while she walks.  Because she is very young at the moment I wouldn’t want the string much longer for safety reasons.

We all enjoy The Earthen Tree Natural Wood Tommy Turtle we received from The Soft Landing, and especially like that the toy is safe to be placed in DD’s mouth, because like I mentioned before – everything goes in her mouth.

If you are looking for an online boutique that has only the best toxin free and safe products for your family, The Soft Landing offers a wide range of products from highchairs, to sippy cups and also carries books to help your family live a greener and safer life.

Buy it: To purchase, visit The Soft Landing online

GiveawayThe Soft Landing would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a $20 Gift Certificate

To Enter: visit The Soft Landing, and make a comment back here about your favourite product

Bonus Entries:

Giveaway ends October 9th @ 11:59 pm PST. Open to US and Canada


27 Sep

Winners and Giveaways ending September 28

Winners for: Star Kids Products – Snack & Play Travel TrayEating Right Kids – Looney Tunes lunch bag and goodiesTiny Toes – $25 Gift CertificateSee Kai Run – Pair of ShoesThe Crafty Moms – $25 Gift CertificateWrapTi – Reusable Gift Wrap packageEden’s Bouquet – $75 Gift Certificate

winners_sept25Please check your inboxes, mailing you all right now!  Thanks again to all of you for entering and visiting!

If you didn’t win this time around, make sure to get your entries in for these giveaways that end on September 28th @ 11:59 pm PST.

Good luck everyone!