31 Aug

Winner and giveaways ending September 1

Winner for: See Me Smile – Hook ‘n’ Stroll & BearView Mirror

see-me-smile1Congratulations Carol!  Please respond to the email I sent within 72 hours to claim your prize.

The following giveaways are ending tomorrow night (September 1) so make sure to get your entries in before 11:59 PST.  Good luck everyone.

30 Aug

Eco Baby Canada – Earth Mama Angel Baby gift box over $75 – CLOSED

Andrea Johnson, a mother of 4 from Lethbridge, Alberta is a fan of attachment parenting and all things natural.  When it came to finding quality products Andrea found herself buying things from the states.  In an effort to make all things natural available in one please – to help save on shipping cost, Andrea started her own business called Eco Baby Canada.

Eco Baby Canada has products for women, including maternity, babies and toddlers.  All the products at Eco Baby Canada are popular brand names that we all know are quality products.  From cloth diapers like Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heiny’s, and Bumkins to cream products like Angel Baby and Dimpleskins. Eco Baby Canada also carries a wide variety of baby carriers such as Hotsling pouches and Babyhawk Mei Tai’s.

Although Andrea is a fan of attachment parenting, she also understands that not all women are able to breastfeed 100% of the time – some can not breast feed  at all, and therefore she carries bottles and nipples.  I really like this about Eco Baby Canada.  Although there are many people out there that try to breastfeed it doesn’t work for everyone, and so it’s nice to know that you can shop in a place that may have all the same values you have, and you can shop there without feeling inadequate.

Eco Baby Canada also carries some really sweet clothing lines, I absolutely adore Emi Brim hats.  These are hand crochet, these cute little hats have a little tiny brim and the girls ones have a cute flower while the boys can have stripes or a solid colour.  These hats are just adorable.

Eco Baby Canada also remembers Moms (and pre moms) as well, with a huge line of Earth Mama Angel Baby.  They carry delectable teas and creams for pregnant women and new moms.  And after birth, there are products for moms like Luna pads and Diva cups.  All these products are all natural, safe and good for the environment.

eco-baby-canada1So, I know you are all thinking – this sounds like a wonderful site – and you are right it is.  It is so wonderful in fact that it has been nominated for the Savvy Mom Of the Year Award.   If you are a proud support of all things natural, and making this world a better place (and if your not – you should be)  then please visit Savvy Mom and vote for Eco Baby Canada.

Eco Baby Canada also has a specials page where new deals are listed, so make sure to check back often to ensure you catch the latest deals to be had.

To Buy: Visit Eco Baby Canada online

Giveaway: Eco Baby Canada would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a Earth Mama Angel Baby gift box valued at over $75

To Enter: Visit Eco Baby Canada and make a comment back here about your favourite item

Other Entries:

Giveaway closes September 14th @ 11:59 pm PST – Open to US and Canada


29 Aug

RRS Feed Readers and old button

I’m not sure why but yesterday my feed was updated as My Moms View – so if you are reading this through RRS feed, please make sure that you have subscribed to the right feed, it should be through My Wee View http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyWeeView.  Anyone reading by email is fine.

On another note, if you have this button on your blog:


It has since changed to this:


You have to come to My Wee View, and get the updated button & code.  I can change the picture on the button, but unfortunately can not make it link to my new site.

Thanks everyone

29 Aug

Blogger vs. WordPress

Once you decide you want to start a blog and know that you will have enough time to keep up a blog, you have to decide how you want to set up your blog.  Blogger and WordPress are free content management systems that make blogging easy.  There are pros and cons to each.  I have received this question in the past, so thought I would share a little bit of what I know with all of you.


Google Blogger is great for anyone that doesn’t know too much about website design and administration.   Google Blogger will host everything for you, including a website address.  If you visit a number of review and giveaway sites, you will notice that some have the .blogspot.com in the URL, these are websites that are on Blogger and provided by Google.  Although I do see more and more people who are using blogger purchase their own domain name.

Because Google Blogger is run by Google, your reviews and posts are subject to Google.  When Google has problems – you will have problems.  Many people have had posts disappear. It takes a long time to write product reviews and it would be very upsetting to write a 1000 word post only to find out it got lost in the blogosphere when trying to save it.

On the other hand, Google Blogger is very easy to work with.  You can easily set up your front page layout and do not need any website experience.  It’s as simple as dragging and dropping.


WordPress is for someone who has a little bit of tech knowledge.  There are “plugins” that allow you to create the page exactly the way that you want, but you have to know how to install the plugins and then set up the pages the way you want as well.  You can find a theme, install it and customize it the way you want.  There is a little bit more or a learning curve to work with WordPress.   Also, if you are planning on using WordPress, you will need to have your own web hosting and domain name to get the full benefit of WordPress.

I have to admit, although I use WordPress for my blog, I did not design my website at all.  My site is completely designed and maintained by my husband.  I am constantly asking him to update “this and that”, and thankfully he can do it all.  If i had a web designer, I would be broke paying for all the changes.  Some of the plugins I have on my site are the ads manager, which you see on the right hand side, and the new categorized layout I recently added to my blog.

These are just a few of the differences between Blogger and WordPress, please add some of your experiences in the comments below.

28 Aug

Scandinavian Child – Svan Scooter ($100) – CLOSED


When it comes to some really neat, sleek and clean products, Northern European companies really seem to have that down pat.  Scandinavian Child, is the American Distributor for some really stylish, innovative and creative children products, all the products they carry have “designs without compromise”.  Most of their products are eco-friendly and are made from sustainable raw materials, lead-free finishes, Phthalate-free plastics, PBDE-free cushions, low-VOC paint, and formaldehyde-free plywood – these are all things that are important to parents.

A few months back, I had asked all of you what items you would like to see on My Wee View, and Tammy N said “the Svan Scooter”.  Thanks to Tammy , and the people at Scandinavian Child, I am able to bring you a review of the Svan Scooter!  The scooter is really neat, it’s so sleek and simple, yet is diverse and very entertaining.

svan1DD is still a little bit too young to push herself along by herself on the scooter, however she can sit on it, and I can push her around.  Because there are 3 wheels, it is very very easy to turn on a dime.  The front wheel can do a full 360 very easily, and the back wheels will follow.  Children are very smart, and DD has found another use for the Svan Scooter, she is using it to learn to walk.  She puts her hands on the seat, and pushes it around from the back.  She has a few toys that are meant to do this like a little lawnmower and a car, however, the Svan Scooter is lighter, and the wheels are so much easier to push along.  She really likes to walk (even run) with the scooter, and then when she gets older she will be able to use it as a scooter to sit on.  I thought it was pretty inventive of her, because I did not see this function at all when I first saw the scooter.  I do find that because the scooter only has 3 wheels, I have to watch DD closely to ensure she does not tip over while she is trying to walk. If she pushes from the back all is fine, but if she grabs onto the side or the front, it can get a bit wobbly.

svan2The Customer service at Scandinavian Child is excellent as well.  When my package arrived one of the wheels on the Svan Scooter was broken off.  I sent a message to customer service right away, and they shipped us a anew wheel.  It was very easy to put on, and the Svan Scooter was in business.

Scandinavian Child has some really cool products, they are all the same type of items we are used to here, but have such a neat twist to them to make them all look extra cool.  They carry strollers, highchairs, and accessories for babies, toddlers and children.  The products at Scandinavian Child are all tested and meet the American Society for Testing and Materials, are eco-friendly and ultra modern.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Scandinavian Child online

GiveawayScandinavian Child would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a Svan Scooter ($100)

To Enter: Visit Scandinavian Child and make a comment back here about your favourite item

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Giveaway closes September 11th at 11:59 pm PST. Open to US and Canada


27 Aug

Slimpressions – Winners choice – CLOSED

Although I back down to my pre pregnancy weight (Thank God for nursing), I have noticed that my weight has shifted.  My tummy is a little bit more wiggly, while my legs have gotten skinnier.  I don’t mind the skinny legs, but I do not like the extra giggle around my tummy.  Thankfully there are products out there to help these areas that does not include 3 million sit ups.  Slimpressions helps to reconfigure your figure without having to do any physical work (my favourite).

For review, Slimpressions sent me the “Tanks a Lot” and the “Tanks a Little” control shapers.  These are awesome!  I love them both and wear one or the other everyday.  To wear the tanks, I always step into them and then pull the straps over my shoulders – just like the instructions say.  This helps to keep the tanks in the right places throughout the day.  The long lengths of the tanks cover my hips and a little bit of my bum area, making me have a nice hourglass figure.

There is a difference between the Tanks a Lot and the Tanks a Little.  The Tanks a Lot is a full tank top with a place for your chest to fit into, and I am pleased to say that it fits my chest.  I can even go bra-less with the Tanks a Lot.  For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you will know that it is nearly impossible for my to go bra less, so this has been a really great treat for me.  The Tanks a Little on the other hand doesn’t have a chest section at all, the tank goes below the chest and makes my chest nice and perky – which I have never had before, and have even less since nursing.  So this is also a nice treat for me.  The only way I thought I would be able to go bra less or have a perky chest was to have a breast reduction, but the Slimpressions has given me some of the aspects I so desperately want without the invasive procedure!

I love both the Slimpressions products I was sent for review.  I would say I wear the Tanks a Lot more often than the Tanks a Little.  The Tanks a Little is good for nights out on the town, and the Tanks a Lot is best for everyday use.  I feel more confident and they also help me stand taller (at 5’2″ I need all the height I can get).  They are also both very comfortable and no one can tell that I have an extra layer under my clothing.

Slimpressions also has long sleeve shapers, bras, panties and leg shapers to help keep all the parts of our bodies in place.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Slimpressions online

COUPON CODE:  “MyWeeView2009” for 25% off your order

Giveaway: Slimpressions would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader an item of their choice

To Enter: Visit Slimpressions and make a comment back here about your favourite product

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Giveaway closes September 6th @ 11:59 pm PST – Open to US and Canada


27 Aug

Another My Wee View Expansion


Well, despite a name change, My Wee View continues to grow at an alarming rate – which is fantastic.  I am so glad to see that all of you have followed us to our new site, it was pretty much seamless.  There are just a few RRS Feed readers and Facebook Fan stragglers, but they will come around.

As I have mentioned before, I started back to work, which surprisingly has been a very smooth transition.  I am very fortunate to have my Mother taking care of DD – this has helped a tremendous amount.  However, I seem to have less time to work on my website, I used to use nap times as prime review writing time.  And as time goes on, I am getting more and more requests for reviews.

In an effort to keep up with all the reviews and giveaways, I am adding a 3rd writer – I can hardly believe it.  The newest member of My Wee View is Jennifer.  She is also a local girl and believe it or not, has a daughter named DD that is 6 months old, however she goes by the name Poppy.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support and stay tuned for more great reviews, giveaways and the Expansion is not done yet.