27 Jun

Kuki Kids – Fresh & Fabulous Dress – CLOSED


Kuki Kids makes super fashionable clothing for children.  Their patterns are simple, but the fabrics and attention to detail in the finished product makes their clothing line simply fantastic.  They have clothing for both boys and girls, and carry items such as dresses, shirts, pants, leggings and onesies ranging from 6 months to 2 years, they specialize in baby and toddler wear.

kuki-kids-3I received the most adorable dress from Kuki Kids, and it came in the neatest package too.  It was a little baggy made from bamboo, that actually felt like bamboo too.  I was really impressed by the little bag that it came in.  The dress I received was just as impressive it is called the Fresh and Fabulous dress.  It has a bright lime green and hot pink patterned flower on it.  As it says on the Kuki Kids website “after all it IS all about you”, and let me tell you, in this super modern dress, it IS all about DD.  She gets so many compliments when she is wearing this adorable dress.  The dress itself is a simple dress, it reminds me of something Jackie O would wear, but the material is something else!  The dress has short sleeves so I  put a bright pink shirt underneath and add some matching lime green socks and DD looks like a million bucks – something straight out of a magazine. (But of course, she will not let me get a good picutre of her to show all of you – babies)


The Kuki Kids dress is 12 months in size and fits DD perfectly now, she is 10 months and weighs about 22 pounds.  I think she will be able to get through the summer in this dress and then will have to move to the next size up.  The dress is made out of 100% canvas which makes it quite thick, and it is fully lined.  There are buttons in the back of the dress so it makes it easy to take it off and put it on, but still gives is a form fitting look when the dress is on.  Overall, I love the uniqueness of this dress and so does everyone else – like I said, we get a lot of compliments when DD is wearing this outfit.

kuki-kids2gif1Kuki Kids makes extra stylish clothes for young tots.  Their bold and funky colours will give your children some personality and spunk!  If you are looking for something that make your kids stand out in a crowd, and will also let everyone else know that their parents are hip, Kuki Kids is sure to deliver.  For designer children’s wear, Kuki Kids also has some very fair prices.  The fresh and fabulous dress I received was only $38 USD.

Buy it: To purchase visit Kuki Kids online

Win it: Kuki Kids would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a Fresh & Fabulous dress in size 2

To Enter: Visit Kuki Kids online, and make a comment back here about your favourite item

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Contest closes July 6th @ 11:59 pm PST


486 thoughts on “Kuki Kids – Fresh & Fabulous Dress – CLOSED

  1. My favorite item is definitely the Fresh & Fabulous Dress! My little girl would need a size 12-18 months!

  2. I LOVE bold & funky patterns, not only for clothes but for random accessories in my house too! I am a photographer so funky patterned clothes are my FAVE for kids!

  3. The fresh and fabulous dress is seriously my fave, but the pooch dress and especially the pooch hat are pretty cute too.

  4. I do wear patterned tops and dresses but they wouldn’t be quite as bold as these. I love patterns in blues and greens for myself. I love to dress my baby girl in fun and funky clothes though.

  5. I sometimes wear bold and funky patterns, especially great tops with a pair of jeans or solid color slacks.

  6. I love putting bold colors on our daughter they look sooo fun so this would be the perfect size dress for her to win. I liked the Pooch Dress, The Taka Body Suit and The funky bibs were really cool. Great site.

  7. I wear bold colors mostly in the summer but when your a toddler they look good all year round, it makes them look so healthy. I would wear the patterns on some of the clothes for sure, way too fun 🙂

  8. Fresh and Fabulous and Brady Bunch are my two favorite girl patterns. The clothes at Kuki Kids are so incredibly cute!

    smalltownbeatnik at g mail

  9. I don’t wear a lot of bold or funky patterns or colors. I should be braver after seeing all the fabulous children’s clothes.

  10. I loved the Taka onsie. I was especially fond of the print design. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  11. I love bold and funky prints, but I have trouble wearing them for the most part. My one exception is my beloved tye-dye clothing collection. I’ll wear it even when I’m eighty!

  12. I am a pretty plain jane person…lots of solid colors! I don’t think bold and funky patterns look good on me.

    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  13. I do like to wear bold and funky patterns although my wardrobe recently has tended to more solids for their versatility.

  14. I tend to wear solid colors, but I love to put my daughter in funky, bold patterns. My husband looks at them on the hanger and says, “That is UGLY!” but once my daughter puts them on he thinks they are adorable!

  15. I’m quite shy, most of my clothes are black. I wish I wasn’t affraid of bold patterns.

  16. I really don’t like to wear bold and funky patterns, but I love to look at them on other people. I prefer to blend in with the houseplants, myself…

  17. I love the Mikes Big Stripe shorts! 😀 They completely made me giggle with the title and how they stood out!

  18. I like the fresh and fabulous dress…of course it would also go well with the fresh and fabulous hat. 🙂

  19. Everything is super-cute for girls and fresh & funky for boys! I really like the Pooch pants and dress. Adorable.

  20. I used to wear just solid neutral colors but since my little girl was born I have become more daring and find myself wearing many bright patterns. I thought that maybe it would help her eyesight develop so whatever works (and it’s summer so it’s fun!)

  21. As a generalization I don’t like to wear bold and funky patterns — I admit it. But occassionally I find a clothing item that’s a little bolder and funkier than normal and add it to my wardrobe. I have a funky 70’s dress shirt with peacocks all over it that I really like.

  22. I don’t like to wear bright colors and funky patterns (I’m more of a plain color girl) but my kids love to wear bright colors.

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  24. My favorite is the Mike Stripe Jacket

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  25. What cute little girls dresses. I thought the pooch dress as well as the Brady Bunch one were adorable. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  26. I love to have my daughters dress in bold patterns but I myself stick to solids and occasionally a stripe!

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  28. No, I can’t wear bold funky stuff…I’m too big and it would draw even more attention to that flaw….no, not me, but I love bold and funky on others and in home dec.

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  30. I don’t wear bold & funky patterns because I’m overweight and don’t want to draw any more attention to my bulges than is necessary – but I think they’re adorable on thinner ladies and little girls!

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