30 Jun

Happy Canada Day


Happy Canada Day everyone!

Canada is 142 years old today.

Hope all of you have a great Day.  If you are starting your family holiday’s stay safe in your travels, and enjoy the great scenery and weather our beautiful country has to offer.

To celebrate, I will be bringing you some great Canadian products, so stay tuned and Enjoy!

30 Jun

Winners & Contests closing July 2nd

Tomat Kids, Envirosax, My Feet Squeak


Tie Buddies, Empower My Child


Congratuations to all the winners!  Check your email there is a message from me and you all have 72 hours to respond.  Thanks again to each and every one of you for being regular readers and entering all the giveaways!  Hope you are enjoying all the great products that are feauted on My Wee View.

The following giveaways are closing on Thursday July 2nd @ 11:59 PST!  Make sure to get your entires in before the deadline.  Click the links below to enter

Baby Star – Nursing blanket

Zehn Naturals – t-shirt

Boon – Bugpod

Good Luck everyone!

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30 Jun

Time Out Pad – CLOSED


Time out is way harder for parents to stick to than children. I recall seeing people trying to get their kids to to go to time out, and after about 30 seconds of crying, the kids are back up to their old tricks, because the parents feel like 5 minutes have gone by. There is a new great gadget out there that will help parents and kids get through a time out session.


The Time Out Pad is a little blue seat where children can sit during a time out.  This is great because kids will always know where to go for time out and because it’s portable it is easy to bring to grandmas house.  The Time Out Pad has a timer on the pad so you can pick how long the child gets to be seated during time out.   The timer can be set between 1 and 5 minutes.  It is recommended that the Time Out Pad timer be set at the same age as your child.  So the timer would be set for 3 minutes for a 3 year old.

timeoutpad2gifMany children like to try to see how far they can go without getting caught.  Many will try to leave their time out session early or parents are just not paying attention to the time that children have been in time out.  The Time Out Pad has a little sensor that will alert the caregiver if a child leaves the Time Out Pad early.  So both the caregiver and the child will know that they have tried to leave the Time Out Pad before the time has expired.

If you are planning on using the time out method to raise your child, the Time Out Pad would be a very easy tool to make time out sessions consistent.  We all know that consistency is very important while raising a child- especially between parents.  The Time Out Pad will ensure that Moms, Dads and grandparents all have the same time out rules.

Buy it: To purchase the Time Out Pad visit them online

Win it: Time Out Pad would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a Time Out Pad of their own

To Enter: Visit Time Out Pad and make a comment back here about something you saw on the Time Out Pad site

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Contest closes July 9th @ 11:59 pm PST


30 Jun

CouponTruck.com – Saving you time & $$$


I always like a good deal – and I am sure you all do too!  Surfing the net for deals and steals can be very time consuming – however it doesn’t have to be anymore.  There is a website that makes daily updates on all the best deals, discounts, and coupons.  The website is CouponTrunk.com.  Everything that you are looking for is all in one spot.

The navigation at CouponTrunk.com is very easy as well.  All the deals and steals are divided up by categories such as apparel and clothing (my favourite) , and computer’s and software (my husband’s favourite).  Under each section there are companies listed that all have deals and discounts available.

Before you purchase anything from Jewelery, sports equipment, home decor, or even food and drink, just visit CouponTrunk.com to see what deals are out there first.  It feels really good to save money and it feels even better to save time as well.  There are some coupons and deals for some major retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy!

Enjoy the savings everyone.

29 Jun

For my local Halifax Readers – giveaway

Hello My Wee View readers,

I want to tell you all about a super great website – especially for all my local Halfax / Nova Scotia readers.  It’s called HRM Parent If you don’t know about this site yet – you have to go over there right now and check it out.  There is a section on the site that has nearly all the children programs in HRM.  It’s so easy to search, just pick a day and all the days events will pop up for you.  There is also a listing of all the parks in the city, a blog so you can get to know other local parents and there is even some group play dates.  Last month, there was an HRM Parent get together at Isleville Park and over 100 parents showed up. There was singing, dancing and some playing.  Children of all ages were there and it was a lot of fun.

There is also a monthly giveaway, so make sure to check back often to see what products are being given away.

I made a guest appearance on the HRM Parent website with a local review and giveaway for a diaper cake, so if you are from Halifax, and would like to win a diaper cake, head on over to HRM Parent and enter the giveaway.

Good luck everyone & enjoy.


29 Jun

Be Present – Tree Tee – CLOSED


Be Present specializes in yoga wear that is not only comfortable and great for yoga, but is also stylish for just going out and about to the mall or for a walk to the park.  Be Present is a small family run business in Colorado. Amy Lopatin Dobrin is the creator and designer of Be Present, she started Be Present in 2002.  She has taken some of the features of ski wear – such as it’s ability to wick away moisture, and  has created a functional line of yoga wear for men and women.

bepresent1gifBe Present sent me a  women’s shirt sleeve tree tee for review in a Royal Blue.  The shirt is made out of a material called Tencel which is made from wood pulp and is 100% organic.  I was very surprised as to how soft this shirt was, seeing as it is made from trees, I wasn’t too sure what it going to feel like but it is surprisingly soft.  What I really like about the shirt is the long length.  Many shirts that I own are too short, I have such a hard time finding shirts that pass my hips.  The Be Present tree shirt is a very generous length and even reached past my hips.  This was also very surprising.  I did not notice if the shirt did shrink in the wash, it seemed to fit the same as before I washed it.  Another great thing about this shirt is that it was not wrinkled when it came out of the drier.

bepresent2gifThe clothing at Be Present is very nice and light weight which is great when trying to get into the fire fly pose or the tittibhasana pose – neither of which I can do.  You will also feel really stylish and comfortable in yoga class at home, or just out and about in the Be Present.

Be Present carries yoga wear for men and women, they have many choices in pants such as capris, shirts, shorts, and have many choices in shirts as well, including cardigans, long sleeve tops, halter tops, and tanks.  Items come in size small to large and are available in a wide range of colours.  Be Present is always adding new items to their line and also has many items on sale.

Buy it: To purchase some yoga wear visit Be Present online

Win itBe Present would like to offer a lucky My Wee View reader a Tree Tee like the one I reviewed a $47 value.

To Enter: Visit Be Present online and make a comment back here about your favourite item

Other Entries:

Contest closes July 6th @ 11:59 pm PST


28 Jun

Yenithing – Yeni Apron Towel – CLOSED


Tub time with a baby and a toddler is – well, pretty messy.  I may as well just get in the tub with DD because usually by the end of the tub bath we are both soaked.  I have no idea how this manages to happen because I only put about an inch or an inch and a half of water. Julie Yenichek  has come up with a solution to this problem.  It seems that I am not the only one experiencing being drenched after tub time.  Julie created a wearable towel called the Yeni.


The Yeni is a long towel apron which has a strap that goes around the back of your neck. The Yeni stays on (hands free), so I can worry about washing DD in the tub rather than worrying about staying dry.  The Yeni is not only functional, it is fashionable too.  The top of the Yeni has a super modern black and white pattern and it has been personalized with DD’s name in bright pink across the top.


The Yeni kept me dry while bathing DD, but I found that the towel was very long and could have used another tie around my hips to keep it in place.  The Yeni reached all the way to my shins, that is quite a length for one piece of material to drag.  At the same time, I liked being able to pick up DD out of the tub and wrap her up in the Yeni.  This is something I would not be able to do as well if there was an extra tie around my back. The best use of the Yeni is actually when I am bathing Cammy (our dog).  I find the Yeni works really well after tub time to pick her up and rub her dry.  Overall, we do like the Yeni very much, the towel is nice and thick and the upper section is very modern and fashionable.  I also like that the Yeni can come with personalization – or without.


The Yeni comes in a number of different modern fabrics, thread colours and fonts.  You can create the Yeni that you want.  The personalized Yeni is $40, or if you choose to not have it personalized, it is only $30.

Buy it: To purchase a Yeni, visit them online

Win it: A lucky My Wee View reader will receive a Yeni of their own

To Enter: Visit Yeni online and make a comment back here about your favourite pattern and what you would get on your Yeni

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