30 Apr

Shop Mod Tots – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


Like many Moms, I too am obsessed over children’s shoes! It is a very easy obsession to become addicted to.  For small babies there are many types of shoes and booties, but the booties at Shop Mod Tots are ones that I have yet to see anywhere else.

Denise and Dita Meliefste of Shop Mod Tots hand crochets some very cute and stylish baby booties in some very traditional yet modern patterns – that is what makes these little booties so unique.  The booties are made with an acrylic and wool blend, but are not itchy at all, and the bottom is a thin leather and sheep skin sole, which is great for developing little feet.  My favourite part about these booties is in the inside there is a nice layer of warm fluff.  It is so soft and it must keep my daughters feet warm while she has them on (her feet are yet to be cold after I take them off).

shopmodThe booties came in a beautiful polka dot bag, tied up so nice in a pink ribbon as if I had purchased the item in a store. The package that Shop Mod Tots sent was very nice.  I really loved opening up the package to see what surprise was inside. The booties that I received were a bright magenta colour, which is very nice for a little girl.  Although I do prefer the traditional style of the cream and tan. The size fits her perfectly, she is currently 8 months old, and she has a bit of growing room in the shoe.  What I am most happy with is that the boot stays on her feet.  She can jump with these forever and they will not fall off.  The boot has a long tie that is tightened around the ankle and made into a bow.  As long as the bow remains tied (it hasn’t ever come undone), the shoe will stay on.  My daughter has recently learned a new trick- when she is sitting in her car seat, she takes her shoes off at the heel with her other foots toes (just like how you and I take our shoes off).  Because of the tie around the ankle,  it makes it really hard for her to take off her booties from Shop Mod Tots.


These booties are great for anytime of year, but are especially great for the winter and those cool summer evenings when we all like to be outside.  Children can get colder than us very easily so a nice pair of warm booties are excellent for the summer months as well.  I am looking forward to putting these on her as they are very cute and get people talking.

Shop Mod Tots also sells little crochet booties that almost look like rubber boots, so cute with the little flower detail.  The items come in sizes 0 – 24 months, and Denise and Dita will take custom orders as well.  If you are in the Edmonton area, Shop Mod Tot will also arrange for pick up so you do not have to pay shipping fees.

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29 Apr

RiNGLEY – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


My daughter is 8 months old, and has yet to have any teeth break through, although it seems that she has been teething since she was 3 months old.  Her shirts are always wet, and she just loves to chew on things.  It’s hard to know what is safe and not safe to let my daughter chew on now a days with product recalls, and some harsh chemicals out there.  ShaindyAlexander, a mom in Toronto, saw this same problem when her daughter was teething and so she decided to do something about it.  She created an organic all natural teething toy for babies to enjoy, and put moms minds at ease.


RiNGLEY is a teething toy that is handmade out of Canadian natural untreated maple and 100% organic terry cloth.  Both items are completely natural and organic (ASTM toy safety standards, Certified organic cotton). So there is no need to worry about what is going into your child’s mouth.  The two textures of the wood and the terry cloth make it interesting for any child that is going through teething.

My daughter really enjoys chewing her RiNGLEY, she can chew on this for such a long time.  She chews both on the wooden ring and the terry cloth.  The cloth can be wet or dry to give your child a different sensation, it could also be put in the freezer, which will numb your child’s gums while having some teething pains.  My daughter is always sucking on her wash cloths in the tub, so this teething toy comes quite naturally to be her favourite.  There is also some of the terry cloth wrapped around the wooden ring so once again this gives her a different sensation when chewing on it.


There are two different versions of the RiNGLEY, the straight, which is the one I received and the knotted which has 2 large knots in the cloth.  Either way, both items provide interesting textures for your teething toddler.  During teething times, us parents can all appreciate something that will give your child something to relieve their pains.

Buy it: To purchase the RiNGLEY, visit the online store and contact Shaindy

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29 Apr

Bamboobino – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


Like many of us, Sharon Chai  is a mother that is concerned about the environment, especially for the generations to come, like our children.  Bamboo is a natural resource that is practical and not damaging to the environment or to humans.  Sharon had been using bamboo for many years, and has now decided to share some of her creations with the rest of us lucky parents.  So Bamboobino was created, and now the rest of us can enjoy Sharon’s great products.

Sharon is very particular about her products and where they come from,

The bamboo is all their products are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, and their bamboo and cotton are all OCIA & USDA-certified.  Their products are also made in Vancouver, Canada.  Bamboobino is living by these 3 “P” objectives : people, planet, and profit!


I really like to see how serious and passionate Bamboobino is about the environment and people.  This makes me feel very confident in their products.  I received a super soft bamboo after bath hat from Bamboobino.  This cute little white hat, comes complete with a little panda bear on the front.  Which is inspired by Sharon’s daughter who sleeps on her tummy with her bum in the air!  I thought that was a very sweet touch by a loving mother.  It is always  nice to incorporate your own children in a business as much as possible, it brings a warm family friendly feeling and is a reminder to the owner why they have the products in the first place!

This cute after bath hat is the first thing I grab and put on my daughters head after a tub bath.  My daughter doesn’t have too much hair, but I am so paranoid about her getting cold, that I always make sure to dress her warm and get her dry right out of the tub.  Before the hat, I used to wipe her head with a towel, which is fine as well, but I really had to push down on her head and do some fast rubbing to get her hair dry.  With a soft spot on top of her head still I really had to be careful.  The after bath hat does all the work for me and I don’t have to worry about rubbing too hard or fast.  I can leave the hat on for about 1 minute and all her hair is dry.  That is how absorbent bamboo is.

I received a hat in size 6 – 12 months (it also comes in newborn – 6 months), my daughter is now 8 months, and the hat is still a little bit too big for her.  I have to roll up the brim, but the effect is still the same – her hair gets dry.  I would say this hat will probably fit her until she is 18 months or so. She is between the 25th and 50th percentile in head circumference, so please take this into consideration when making a purchase.  Even after washing the hat remained the same size. Although a little large, It still looks adorable on her.  The crisp white really does something fantastic against her olive coloured complexion.  bamboobino

I love that the products at Bamboobino are all white, it just has such a clean, fresh and pure look to it. Some other great products that they have are a Bamboo Hooded Enclosed Wrap for Baby, this looks great for a baby coming straight out of the tub.  They also carry bamboo washcloths, which if they are as absorbent and soft as the hat, they would feel really great over sensitive skin.

Buy it: To purchase these and other great items at Bamboobino, visit them online.

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28 Apr

Dilly Dally Bibbies – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


dillydally3Many children’s items are the products of Mompreneurs, Dilly Dally Bibbies is no exception, it was started by Donna, a mom of 2 girls in 1952.  The tradition has now continued with Donna’s daughter Lynne taking her Mom’s original pattern and starting her own business.  Dilly Dally Bibbies is a family affair, and I am sure Donna is more than pleased with the quality of work Lynne puts into her products.  Lynne has added a few new features to the original Bibbie, to make it reversible and more absorbent.  She did not change the original Bibbie design, she just enhanced her mothers already great product. Lynne has been so busy with Dilly Dally Bibbies, that she has had to move production to California.


I dealt with Lynne herself at Dilly Dally Bibbies, there are so many great and modern reversible patterns for the bibbie it was difficult to pick just one.  I decided on the Chocolate Truffle as I just love the pink and brown combo, and did you all know that paisley fabric is back in fashion?  My father said he used to have a paisley shirt back in the 70’s!  A few weeks after first contacting Lynne, my bibbie came in the mail and I was more than surprised at the cute package I received.

I received the most wonderful bibbie from Dilly Dally Bibbies.  The quality and precision of work that has gone into this bib is like none other I have seen. The bibbie is made out of a quilted fabric, and the bias seam is placed at the exact point at where the quilting ends to continue the quilting look.  How is that for precision and paying close attention to detail.  The seem is barely (if at all) noticeable.


I love this bib, it is one of my favourites to bring to play dates.  I have a baby girl and I dress her up in the most fantastic outfits, the Dilly Dally Bibbie covers my daughters entire torso and back too, so it leaves very little room (if any) for her to get food on her clothing.  It’s very easy to place her arms through the arm holes and tie the bibbie around her neck, which means she can’t pull it off.  This is one of those bibs that all the other moms at the play date notice and talk about.  I have yet to see anyone else’s child with such a fashionable and functional bib.

The Dilly Dally Bibbie catches everything that would otherwise fall onto my daughters chest or shoulder area (yes food does end up on her shoulders, she is a very very messy eater).  Even her sides are covered with the bibbie which is a bonus because now that she is starting to feed herself bananas, they tend to end up everywhere but her mouth.  I just have to make make sure to roll up her sleeves and the rest of her clothing remains dry and clean with the bibbie!  The bibbie is made with bright colours so carrots and peas seem to blend in with the material so it rarely looks dirty even while eating.


I have used and washed the Dilly Dally Bibbie a number of times and it has not shrunk and it still looks as good as new.  This is a high quality bib that will have everyone talking.  I am more than impressed with the sewing job, and that the bib is totally reversible so you can have 2 looks for the price of one.  This bib can be used for mealtime, arts and crafts, cooking or just for playing around.  Dilly Dally Bibbies have sizes from 0 up to 5 years.

This will easily become your most favourite bib and fashion accessory, and it will save many of your children’s outfits!freeshipping

Buy it: To buy one of these fashionable and functional Bibbies, visit Dilly Dally Bibbies online store, they are currently offering free shipping with the code FREESHIP when you check out.

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27 Apr

Rockin’ Baby Sling – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


I’m a baby wearing fan!  It promotes closeness and is suppose to help sooth your baby and be beneficial for their development.  What’s not to like about all those positive aspects?  I also like that I can wear DD around the house and get some things done while I’m at it.  DD is a pretty fussy little girl, she likes to be close at all times, and sometimes it just seems impossible to get a days work in with her constantly attached to my hip.  Well, there is a solution to this, and it’s baby wearing.  With my hands free, I can get done pretty much anything I want to while she is happy just to be close and touching me.  This way – we are both happy!

I have tried a few types of carriers so far, a pocket carrier and a Baby Trekker, both of which I (and DD) enjoy very much.  I am just as excited to tell you all about the new ring sling I received from Rockin’ Baby Slings!  The sling that I received from Rockin’ Baby Slings is the most beautiful blue and brown pattern called “This Lullaby”.

Natasha and Lisa are the creators of this very fashionable sling, they, like many of us stylish mommies wanted to be able to get everything done in the run of a day, and found that it was easier while having a baby in a sling.  There was just a small problem, there was nothing in 2002 that was quite fashionable enough for the friends to wear, so together they got some hip fabrics, and voila the Rockin’ Baby Slings was invented.


I was surprised by all the detailed work that went into this sling.  I thought it would just be one long piece of material with 2 rings on it, but it actually has a lot of fine detail work.  The section around the rings is folded and sewn accordion style so it has quite a bit of material in one spot and makes for some padding along the shoulder, and comes with a little pouch at the bottom to hold things like diapers if you don’t want to carry a diaper bag around.   The whole entire sling is reversible as well, the other side of the material is a beautiful chocolate brown.  This side also has a little pouch to carry things.  So as you can see this is a very versatile sling, it’s reversible, has 2 pouches, and they are extremely stylish (isn’t this the most important part?!?)

I was very glad that the sling came with instructions, which are very straight forward.  It took about 2 or 3 times to get used to how to put it on, and then it was a piece of cake.  Hold the rings with my left thumb, wrap the sling around my back and under my left arm and put the fabric up through both rings and back down just through one ring, and my sling was ready to go.

I find that the positioning of the rings makes a huge difference in comfort with the ring slings.  If you are having a problem with comfort, it probably means that your sling is not on properly.  If the rings are too high it will start to hurt and cut into my neck, and if they are too low, DD will be falling over and will feel very heavy.  The rings have a few inches of wiggle room up and down where it feels the best to carry DD.  Once I get the right spot, I can carry her for a long time.

The great thing about a ring sling is that it truly can fit anyone.  We are all built differently, and because the sling has a generous amount of fabric, there is no person too big or small that will be able to do baby wearing with this Rockin’ Baby Slings.  I also like how I can pull along the top and bottom parts of the fabric to bring DD closer to me.  Pulling the top part of the fabric (where the pouch is) tighter through the rings will make her head come closer to me and pulling the bottom part will make her bum go higher up.  It’s just as easy to loosen the sling if DD feels constricted and is too tight.


I can carry DD in a number of different positions with this sling, she loves Kangaroo style, and it is very easy to put her in facing outwards with her legs crossed.  I can also put her on my hip, and because of the ability to  tighten the material, I can make sure that she is directly on my hip where it feels most comfortable.  When DD is older there will also be the option to put her on my back.  This is only recommended for babies older than 1.  I believe this sling can hold up to 35 pounds, so it can be used until children are at least 3 years of age.

What I love most about this sling is how fashionable it is!  I can not leave my front door without compliments from the neighbours, and at the mall I am stopped by strangers left right and center.  This has to be the thing that I get the most compliments on that I own.  Everyone wants to know where I got my sling, and they tell me how amazing we both look in it!  I can see why celebrities like like Angelina Joile, Gwen Stefani, like to be seen in their Rockin’ Baby Slings.

The sling, although quite a bit of material is compact enough to fold down and put into a diaper bag, just in case you are in need of a fashionista emergencies – eeerrr or I mean a crying baby emergency!  A sling always seems to sooth my daughter so I always make sure I have one close by.

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26 Apr

LuvLoo – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


For those of you with babies, I’m sure you have all come to know the game, drop and pick up!  It’s a wonderful game where your child drops something and then you have to pick it up.  I like this game because I know it means my daughter is learning and developing normally.  However, while at a restaurant or shopping or while driving in the car, sometimes it’s impossible to be there to pick up the object after it has been dropped and then the crying begins.  Kristy Stafford, Owen’s mom was going through the exact same thing the rest of us moms and dads have seen and she decided to do something about it.  She created the Toy Wrangler, a product with a little bungee cord that clips onto items so they wont hit the floor.

luvloo2I dealt with Kristy herself at LuvLoo, she was very friendly and quick to ship out the item, a few weeks later I received my back saver in the mail.  The package came with two Toy Wranglers, I received the mini version!  This little invention is so smart.  One side is elastic and attaches with velcro so it can be attached to almost anything, and the other side has a ring which can attach to – well almost anything as well.  Since both sides are different, if the Toy Wrangler doesn’t fit one side, you can try the other and it just might work!

LuvLoo also wants to make sure that their products are safe for little ones and have had all their items are safety tested as toys and the plastic rings tested as a food grade plastic!  Thank you LuvLoo for keeping our children’s safety a priority.

I am not bottle feeding my daughter so I am not sure if the ring fits well around a bottle, but the velcro part does fit around her sippy cups very easily.  I have this attached to my car seat handle and put some extra rings and a rattle onto the Toy Wrangler.  DD can pull on this as hard as she wants and it will stay in place.luvloo3

A major benefit that the Toy Wrangler has is that it will keep your children’s toys off the floor especially in public places.  DD puts everything in to her mouth at this age, I’m not so paranoid if its been on the floor in our house, but at some other places, I barely want to touch the toy with my hands after its been on the floor yet alone let her put it in her mouth.  With the Toy Wrangler, I can hook her toys on to something like a highchair, stroller, car seat, shopping cart,  and I will know that her toy will not hit the ground and not get dirty.  I really love this feature!

If you are looking for something to keep your child’s items clean and in reach, the Toy Wrangler is an excellent invention. For two mini Toy Wranglers it is only $7.99, this is a very affordable price to keep your babies items clean and in reach at all times.

Buy it: To purchase the Toy Wrangler or the mini, visit LuvLoo‘s online store.

Win it: LuvLoo is offering 4 lucky My Wee View readers 2 mini Toy Wrangler of their own.

To Enter: Visit LuvLoo, and make a post here about your favourite style

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