31 Mar

Hip-T – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


I recently came across something that every women must have.  It’s has saved me from my muffin top, although myhip-t5 muffin top isn’t as big as after I gave birth to my daughter (Thank God for nursing), I still have a baby muffin top.  What am I talking about?  A miracle drug that can reduce fat?  Not exactly, but it has the same effect.  It’s called a Hip-T.  It’s only 1/2 a shirt that fits around your waist, and covers your “assets”. At the same time, it hides your muffin top, or your whale tail (for those of you who wear thongs).  This little T, is a great way to look stylish and keep yourself hidden and feeling great.

Christine and Kelly invented this Hip-T after low rise jeans became popular. We all love the look of low rise, but we know what it means when we bend over, something always pops out somewhere.  Like most women do, we try to layer to get rid of the dreaded muffin top or butt crack while bending over, it works occasionally, but other times,  the shirts just seem to rise up.  So, they invented the Hip-T, they took a T-shirt, cut the bottom off and there you have it, a shirt that would stay in place while bending over.  Genius!  We can now all enjoy and appreciate what Christine and Kelly have done for women!

503I requested a black Hip-T with lace.  Christine at Hip-T, was very very very fast with email, and she shipped out my package right away as I received it only a week later.  Hip-T has great customer service and are helping women feel good about themselves again. The Hip-T came in it’s own little Hip-T box, packaged up nicely!  Inside was the little package that would save me from any more embarrassing situations!

I love this item.  It actually has more benefits then the ones that are talked about on the website, that I am sure Hip-T never even though of.  First, I will tell you all about the regular tests to tell you how well this Hip-T works.

The flat fold hem on top keeps the Hip-T in place at all times, I rarely, if ever had to pull it down.  The Hip-T does come in sizes xsmall – 3 xl, so please make sure to get the right size for you.  Even while bending over, the Hip-T stayed over my jeans and there was no butt crack, whale tale, or muffin top exposed!  Thank you Hip-T.

hipt3I love layering my items, I always have a shirt on on top of a shirt with a cardigan or something to that sorts.  Because I have a large chest (like I mentioned before), layering doesn’t always look the best because it just adds more and more material around the section that I am trying to hide.  But I love layering because it keeps me warmer and it looks nice around the thighs.  The Hip-T lets me layer, and not have any extra bulk around the chest.  I especially love this feature.  The little lace around the bottom really makes this look like it is a full shirt, it ads a very special little punch to class to an already great item.  Just be careful with your lace, because like any lace, it can pull.

This is also great because, like I mentioned I have a large chest and nearly all my tops end up being too short, adding this little Hip-T, makes my too short shirts wearable again.  Thanks  again Hip-T.

Now the stuff you probably didn’t think of.  I love the Hip-T for nursing!  I’m one of those moms that pulls my shirt up rather than down.  Like I said, I have a large chest, I could never get the neck of any shirt reach down far enough to get my daughter to latch on.  So, I pull up my shirt, and at the same time, I reveal my baby belly, and my stretch marks. Yes, I have quite the amount of battle scars left on my tummy!  With the Hip-T, I can pull my shirt up, raise the Hip-T a bit and my tummy is covered!  So, I don’t have to worry about my chub or my scars hanging out for everyone to see. This is probably my favourite feature about this shirt.  Thanks  one more time Hip-T for keeping me covered!

This will become one of your favourite accessories, so make sure you purchase more than one, or it will be in the wash a lot.  I put it back on straight out of the drier, it has become my favourite accessory.

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30 Mar

Jack and Lily – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


I love this time of year, the sidewalks are walkable again, buds are starting to grow on the trees, and kids are outside playing.  Here in Nova Scotia, spring has arrived.  It’s lovely to see all the neighbours out and about and starting to get their properties ready for the summer.  I also love that I can put my winter boots away and bring out my cutest shoes and soon enough my sandals!  OK STOP HERE- I wrote this just last week, I thought for sure spring had arrived – tonight we are in the middle of a snowstorm!  Uh,,, spring will come shortly.

This is going to be my daughters first spring so I am extra excited for her to get into some really cute girly shoes.  I received the cutest pair of girl shoes from Jack and Lily.  Jack and Lily is based out of Vancouver, Canada and are proud to be Canadian! I dealt with Rob at Jack and Lily and he was very nice, and very quick and efficient.  The turn around time from our first conversation to receiving the shoes was just over a week, that is really good as I am on the opposite side of the country.

510Jack and Lily have so so so many great shoes to pick from (over 70 different shoes), it was extremely hard to pick just one pair – but I ended up picking the Singing Love Birds.  These shoes remind me of the season which has just arrived with the two cute little birds and hearts.  Love is in the air in Spring time!

As always, I will start by commenting on the packaging.  Each pair of Jack and Lily shoes come in its own Jack and Lily see through bag.  The shoes look just like the ones on the website, but I did not realize that the birds actually have a texture to them, and the little feet are not glued down to the shoe, so they can move around a little.  These are the things you can never see over the computer, this is why I love to write reviews.

The shoes are made out of the finest Lamb touch leather, which is very soft and flexible.  The shoes have an elastic ankle which makes them fit and stay on your little ones feet,  and they have a non-slip bottom grip made from suede for little ones learning to walk.  These shoes are the all around perfect fit for babies and they are stylish too!

I requested size 6 – 12  months, my daughter is 7 months old, so I was hoping that these would fit her.  They are still a little bit large, and I suspect that she will be able to wear these until past 1 year of age.  The elastic backing does keep the shoes on for a period of time even though the shoes are big.  As her feet get bigger, these shoes will stay on with no problem. jack3pg Also because the shoes are made out of the softest leather, the shoes will stretch as your little ones feet get bigger so need to worry about squeezing on a pair of shoes that are too small.

What I love about these shoes is that they are very light, so when DD starts to walk, she wont be stumbling over her feet because her shoes are too heavy.  This is very important in development so children will be able to learn things easily on their own and not have to over come hurdles so early on in life.  Can you imagine, not only having to learn to walk – but having to learn to walk with weights on your feet?  These are so  light, it will be like wearing bare feet for your child, but their feet will be protected from anything their little toes may encounter.

If you are looking for something quick and easy to put on your little one to compliment an outfit, Jack and Lily are sure to have something for you.  They also carry boots, and in their original collection they carry shoes that look like real shoes with out elastics around the back!

Buy it: To purchase visit Jack and Lily

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29 Mar

Silken Things Jewelry – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED



With Mother’s Day coming up shortly, I was on the look out for the perfect gift for my mother and came across the perfect gift for – not for my mom, but for me.  As a new Mom with a baby girl, I think its nice to coordinate what we are wearing so we match a little.  If she wears white – I try to wear white.  I’ve found the perfect accessory which will give us the opportunity to always be matching. Silken Things Jewelry has matching mother and daughters bracelets! Gentlemen, I have found the perfect gift for the new Mom in your life!  If you are looking for something special to buy for the new Mom in your life for a special occasion – like Mothers Day *wink wink*, these will make their way into your loved ones heart and be treasured forever!


Silken Things Jewelry is the creation of Mavis Thompson who is from Ottawa, Ontario. She makes jewelry for young and old, men and women.  As long as you have a wrist, a neck or ears, Mavis can create something for you.

Silken Things Jewelry sent me this wonderful Mother Daughter bracelet set.  These two bracelets showed up both in this cute little square purple box with a wrapped with little rose made out of ribbon. The presentation of the packaging, set the tone for the real gift – what was inside.   These two matching  pearl and sterling silver set are just perfect! Each pearl is perfectly white and round, while each of the individual silver spacers create a beautuful pattern that everyone is sure to love.  Both bracelts are the same pattern 2 pearls, then a silver spacer.  Both clasps are a simple spring which makes it easy to put on yourself, and there is no need to worry about it falling off. There is also need need to worry that your baby will be able to take this off either, as the claps needs to be opened by an adult.

silk3There is also a generous amount of extenders on both the mother and daughter bracelet.  This is especially great for the daughters bracelet because it allows your little one to wear it for a long time, my guess would be up until 4 or 5 years of age. And Mom, if your wrists happen to be a little larger then they used to be, no worries, the bracelet will be able to grow with you too. To complete the look of the bracelet, at the end of the extenders there is a matching silver pendant.

If you are looking for something extra special for the new mom in your life, this is the perfect gift.  The best part is the Mother and Daughter set is only $20, can you believe it?  That is way more than affordable.  At that price, you can buy your loved one 2 sets!


Silken Things Jewelry also makes single bracelets and earrings too, and all the prices are just as affordable as the mother daughter set.

Silken Things Jewelry is mostly made to order, so please contact Mavis at babysilknthings@hotmail.com if there is something you would like, and do not see it on her site, don’t despair, she can make it for you.

Buy it: To purchase a Mother and Daughter bracelet set, or any other jewelry, visit Silken Things Jewelry on Etsy.

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29 Mar

Melissa Butler Photography – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


I am a huge fan of photography.  I love looking at a picture and wondering what it would feel like to be in that place.  I imagine the scenery around me, the temperature in the air and just the feeling I would get by being in that place.  The neat thing is, someone had to be in that place and have all those feelings when they were there to take that picture.


After coming across a beautiful picturesque scene I saw by Melissa Butler Photography on Etsy, I had to contact her so I could share her art with you.  The picture was of a lone chair by the ocean.  The chair is partially dirty which gives it a look like it

has been there for awhile.  The title  is “Waiting for you”.  I get some sort of goosebumps all over  thinking of a person sitting there, alone, waiting for someone to show up, but they never come.  A beautiful scene like that and no one to share it with – how tragic.

Melissa Butler Photography is of people, places and things.  As she states on her site ” I enjoy capturing life’s little stories that surround us daily”.  It’s so true, so many things pass us by in a day and we don’t take the time to enjoy it.  We are so busy with our lives that we don’t take the time to just look at something and enjoy the view and the story behind it.  With a picture, we can admire the things that we miss everyday.  Remember the old saying “Take a picture it lasts longer?”  People say that because we seem to be staring at something too long.  What’s wrong with enjoying the view?  We’ve now gone in the totally opposite direction and don’t look at anything for more than just a few seconds, and don’t even take the time for it to register in our heads.

“Waiting for you” is not your average 8×10 photo. I asked Melissa how I would go about framing this picture as it would not fit in a normal frame.  Melissa then sent me a few options of how the picture would look with a mat or maybe some lettering.  It was really nice to see an example of what my finished product would look like before I got it. So, I decided to go with the words “Waiting for you” on the bottom with a mat all the way around and now, it fits in an 8×10 frame!


When I received my package from Melissa Butler Photography, I was very happy with the product.  The envelope included a thick piece of cardboard and a stamp that said “Do Not Bend”. When the photo arrived at my door, there were no signs that it had been shipped.  When I saw the picture, I was very pleased with the quality of the picture and the paper it was printed on.  There was also a double mat all the way around, a small white one and the larger blue one.  The section on the bottom with “Waiting for you” is actually a part of the photo.  The business card is not actually part of the mat, I just put that one there to show you what was included in the package.

melissa3Melissa was very fast with shipping and takes quality photos, if you are looking for something to spruce up your walls, these photographs will get the job done.  Another really cute photo that Melissa Butler Photography has is one of two ducks called “Sibling Love”. I’m not sure how she managed to get a photo like that – but I’m sure you can all appreciate the time and effort to wait for such a perfect picture to come about.  This would look fabulous in a bathroom.

Melissa Butler Photography is also very affordable, most of her shots are only $10 and she will customize the size you want as well.  Thank you Melissa for  making some really fabulous photography affordable!

Buy it: To purchase these and other shots visit Melissa Butler Photography Etsy store.

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27 Mar

Sarita Baby – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


Sarita Baby is an Etsy store created by Sarah Gaylor out of Oshawa, Ontario.  She makes Funky and modern baby accessories.  Sarah makes all of these items herself which include bibs, onesies, blankets paci-clips and even toys.  She uses only the most fashionable material and is very precise with sewing abilities.  She is also very quick with shipping and tries to be as eco-friendly as possible using recycled materials to ship and package her items in.  This is a very nice added touch for us Moms who want to save the environment for our children.  Sarah also sent a matching fridge magnet that looks very stylish on my fridge.


I received 2 great items from Sarita Baby.  The first is a cute bib.  This bib is a very strong cloth bib in the front and the back is made with a soft minky  material!  The bib is nice and thick and does not leak through onto clothing.  Also, the minky part is good for cleanups afterwards.  I use this side to clean my baby’s face after we are done eating.  I just dab a little water – which it absorbs nicely, and now I have a wash cloth.  the bib has velcro is the back for quick and easy set up, and is easy to take off.  It also has the Sarita Baby logo on it, which makes the bib look and feel like a designer bib.  I love pulling this out in public and in my Mommy groups for everyone to see.

sarita3I brought this bib with me on holidays, it was a very good choice.  It easily fit into my diaper clutch (which I used as a food bag) as it is not too big and bulky, but it fits just the right amount of space around my girls chest and tummy.  The greatest part about this bib is that is it so easy to wash!  I do not even have to put this in the washer.  I could use it over and over again on holidays.  I just washed it in the sink, let it out to dry and it was ready again by lunch time (I was south so it was very quick to dry).  The material must be very good quality because there were no carrot or sweet potato stains left on the bib at all after washing.

This bib is also great for the teething drooling baby.  I have one of these right now (the teething baby part), so it’s been great for her to wear around the house and out in public so that her clothes don’t end up soaking wet.  The two materials together are thick enough not to leak through onto her clothes.

The best part about this Sarita Baby bib is that it is only $7.50 that is a super price for a bib.  Many bibs like this can be much pricier, and the price is competitive with some of the brand name bibs you can get at big box stores.  So thank you Sarah for making great, stylish and affordable items.

The other item Sarita Baby sent was a giraffe.  I’m sure by now everyone knows about the teething giraffe.  I was thinking about getting this myself, but it’s made of plastic and has a vanilla taste to it.  I’m kinda ok with the plastic part because most baby toys are PBA free, but the vanilla part makes me a little bit weary.  What have they put on that giraffe to make the vanilla flavour and smell stay?  Is this something I really want my child to be sucking on?  Sarita Baby has made her own giraffe.

sarita3The giraffe is a very generous size, measuring about 40 cms long.  The long giraffe neck and skinny legs makes its easy for tiny hands to grasp so they can bring their new friend with them everywhere they go.  There is also little tags of different textures along the neck and one little tag on the bum, which looks like a little tail.  My daughter sucks on all parts of this giraffe, not just the tags.  The insides are also different textures, some parts are stuffed harder than others, so it makes different textures for curious minds to feel both with their hand and their mouths.  the best thing about this giraffe is that after it’s been thrown all over the floor, drooled on, and vomited on I can throw it in the wash and it comes out sparkly clean – just like new.  I also have no worries as to what chemicals are going into my baby’s mouth.


Sarita Baby has some other wonderful items as well including baby blankets which are also made with the soft minky material.  Minky is my new favourite material, I’m not sure how anything can be that soft. Sarita Baby takes very good care with her sewing so I can assure you that you will be pleased with all her products.

Buy it: To purchase items fromSarita Baby, visit her Etsy store.

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26 Mar

Northern Baby – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED


Agnes Olafson is the creative Mommy behind the great products of Northern Baby.  She has an Etsy Store where she sells all her handmade cloth diapers out of Kitchener, Ontario.  Agnes of Northern Baby is an eco-friendly mom that is helping us Moms who are trying to make this world a better place for our children.  Northern Baby diapers are cloth, organic and bamboo. Agnes also makes wipes and facecloths.  Her items are of the utmost quality and of all the diapers I have tried so far, are made in a fashion that I have yet to see.


As always, I like to start my review with packaging so you know what to expect when you receive a package from the retailers.  Northern Baby‘s packaging is very cute.  Both diapers were wrapped together with both inserts already inside the diaper wrapped up with a little ribbon and topped off with a cute gift tag with a personal note.  The bamboo washcloths were also individually wrapped with the same ribbon and a little gift tag as well.  The package is well thought out and is presented very nicely.

img_2731I received 2 different diapers from Northern Baby, the first is a pink minky on the outside and bamboo on the inside.  The diaper also comes with 2 inserts.  The first insert is actually sewn onto the diaper on one end, therefore when washed, the insert gets thoroughly cleaned on both sides.  This is a very clever design, because it is almost like an all in one diaper, but the insert is actually not inside the diaper and therefore can get cleaner then an all in one.  Very smart Agnes!  There is then a 2nd insert that you can just place in the diaper if you are looking for more absorbency.  This is great for overnight!  Or during the day just leave the one soaker that is attached and the diaper is smaller to fit over clothes.


I am more than impressed with the absorbency of this diaper.  The first night I received it, I put it on my daughter overnight with the extra soaker and in the morning, everything she was wearing was dry.  Not a hint of dampness – absolutely nothing!  I was very surprised because there is no PUL like on the other diapers that are like this. So I asked Agnes if this was suppose to have a wrap on top – OOPS –  there is suppose to be one. To be honest with you all, I never put a wrap over this diaper and it has not leaked.  Can you believe it?  The double liner system works so well that there is no need to put a wrap over top.  The pink minky doesn’t even get damp.  I do change my girl often, usually every 2 – 3 hours, but still even with a heavy pee pee she’s still dry as a whistle.


I’m so happy that I don’t have to use a wrap with this diaper because I can show off her bright pink bottom!  This diaper looks so cute under a little dress.   For all of you Mama’s that don’t use cloth diapers, I bet you put little bottoms with frills over top of your disposables.  Well in my house, we show off the beautiful pink minky, and it’s so soft too!

The other diaper that Northern Baby sent me was a cloth diaper made the exact546 same way as the other one with one insert sewn into the inside of the diaper and an extra insert to be placed inside only if you want to.  This diaper is just as absorbent and has a beautiful blue flower pattern. I also do not use a wrap for this one.  I know, for many of you this may be hard to believe but it is very true.  I forgot to tell you about the great fit around the waist and legs that these diapers have. The elastics around the legs are just tight enough to keep all the poop and pee in, but are loose enough that they don’t leave any marks around the thighs.  The snaps along the top of the diaper are also very clever – to get a good fit around the wait the 2nd snap on the left tab is actually the female version on the right tab so you can snap both tabs together if need be.  As the baby gets bigger the rest of the female snaps are on the front part of the diaper.

northern2Northern Baby also sent me 2 organic bamboo washcloths.  Whether you use these on your baby’s bum as wipes or use them for  yourself, these are the softest things you will use to lather up and clean your body.  I use them in the tub for myself and my daughter.  They are so luxurious feeling, they lather up the soap really well and would be excellent for anyone that has sensitive skin, they are especially great for your face, and precious baby skin.  You can buy 6 of these for only $7.75, well worth it!

Overall, I have been very pleased with Northern Baby, not only because of their products, but Agnes has been wonderful as well.  She answers emails very quickly, and is always on top of things.  She makes excellent products and treats her clients very well.  My items were shipped quickly and I received them in a weeks time.

Buy it: Please visit Northern Baby to purchase these great products!

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