31 Jan

Baby Indian Products – Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Giveaway is closed, but please write a review for Baby Indian Productse in the comments if you have some items from them!

Baby Indian Products are made by a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Tessa Plourde in Quebec. Not only does she make these products, but she also makes them with her Mother In Law! Tessa and her Mother In Law make quite a few baby products.  I received a beautiful package from Tessa, everything in it’s own little package with instructions.  The presentation of the items is superb, and her products are excellent as well.  The reason she started making these products is because she wanted some special products for her son.  These products can be made personalized and are made with love!


I just love good ideas, and this is a good idea!  When new parents come  home from the hospital, they are exhausted, and have no time to remember small little details like “when was the last time the baby ate”.  Ok ok, so it’s not really a small detail – that is my point!  Parents are too exhausted to remember the important things.  Let this nursing bracelet remember for you.

When I first brought my daughter home from the hospital, she did not eat much.  She was a lazy sucker. We had to put ice cubes under her toes to keep her awake to eat.  Because she was eating so little, I would try to nurse her about every hour or so just to get my milk going and to make me feel like she was getting fed. If I would have nursed her every few hours, she would have been more hungry and eaten more of the fatty hind milk and would have been more satisfied.  What was my problem?  Although only an hour or so had passed, I had already forgotten when the last time was I fed her, because I felt so tired.  My husband would say “are you sure she needs to eat again?”  I would say, “yes, it’s been a few hours, I think?!?”.  The nursing bracelet would have made a load of difference in my health and in my babies health!

The nursing bracelet is like a 12 hour clock.  Every 4 beads there is a number which represents the hour, the 4 other beads in between represents 15 minutes.  So when you first start your feeding, lets say at 8:30, you would find the # 8 bead, and then 2 more beads to represent 30.  You would move the little clasp to this point and you would know that you started your feeding at 8:30.  (Remember, when feeding your baby you time your feedings by the beginning of the feeding).  I can’t image how much frustration this would have saved me.  The problem for my baby was not that she was lazy, it’s that she wasn’t hungry, she was constantly just getting a little top up and never had a really good feeding!

This bracelet is cute too and comes in a rainbow of colours, it will fit any ones arms as its twisted around and doesn’t have a claw to clasp it together.  So big or small, one size fits all!  Because there are no frustrating clips to undo to take off the bracelet, you can move the bracelet from wrist to wrist to remember which breast she last nursed on.  In the beginning, it’s hard to remember which side your baby last ate.  If you just switch your bracelet over – tada – now you know.

This doesn’t have to be only used for nursing mothers, it can be used for bottle fed babies as well to help remember when the last feeding was.  Every new parents is exhausted, no matter how they are feeding their child.  The nursing bracelet can give parents one less stressful thing to think about.

This would make a great gift for anyone having a baby.  The gift of a memory!  I wish the bracelet would help me remember things like going to appointments, since my baby has been born, I have shown up a day late to 2 appointments.  Since it’s not possible to give the gift of a working brain, the nursing bracelet is the next best thing!


Another products I received from Baby Indian Products is a handmade bib by Tessa’s Mother-In-Law!  There is nothing quite like a hand made bib.  What I really like about this bib is how big it is.  Most of the other bibs that I have are so small, they barely cover my baby’s chest.  As many of you know, food makes its way all the way from babies shoulders to their toes many times.  This bib nearly covers all that area.  It’s nice and thick around the the neck so it covers a very large area.

It’s very well made and nice and thick so wet food doesn’t leak through.  It is also tight enough around the neck so food doesn’t make it’s way into those double or triple chins!  The velcro makes it easy to put on and take off, no need to spend a few minutes tying the bib on.

As you can see there are many styles to choose from and they are all handmade by Grandma!  Which is so nice.  My mother doesn’t sew or knit, so most things we buy are manufactured.  It’s great to have something in the house that is handmade with love.  Doesn’t your baby deserve somehting handmade with love?


I also received a Pacifier Clip from Tessa at Baby Indian Products. There are many styles to choose from, or you can pick your own monogrammed paci clip. I received the little pink one with the flower.

It is so cute and makes a really nice accessory on my babies outfits.  Unlike other paci clips that are made of plastic and look cheap, this one is very posh and makes a statement.

This paci’s clip is metal which makes it very durable and nearly impossible for little hands to pull off.  My previous paci clip was made out of plastic.  My babies favourite game was to pull off the whole clip from her outfit and throw it on the floor.  Isn’t the whole purpose of a paci clip to keep the paci off the floor?  Once I received my clip from Baby Indian and I saw how strong the clip was I thought, “alright Baby, this should fix you!”  Sure enough, the metal clip is strong enough to stay clipped to her outfit no matter how hard she tugs!  The clip will stay at the same place all day and keep her sookie (that’s what we call the pacifier in our house) off the floor and clean.

Not only does the paci clip keep her sookie clean, it’s great to always have it near by for those crisis moments.  Before we had a clip, we had 3 or 4 sookies lying around the house.  However it always seemed that whenever we NEEDED a sookie, we could never find one.  Thankfully with the paci clips that sticks, we always know where her sookie is and the crisis is averted.

My baby has a tendency to turn her head back and forth when she is sleepy, my previous clip had a very short cord, so as she turned her head from one side to another, her sookie would always come out.  This was particullary frustrating if we were trying to rock her to sleep.  As soon as her sookie came out of her mouth, she would wake up!  The cord on this paci clip has enough slack that is stays in as she moves about and drifts off to never never land!  This has been a very nice treat for us because before, we used to have to hold the sookie in her mouth while trying to rock her or bouncing her to sleep.  It can get kind of awkward in that position for a long period of time.

Overall if you are looking for a paci clip to do it’s job well, please go to Baby Indian and purchase one from Tessa, you wont be disappointed.


The last item that Tessa from Baby Indian Products sent for me to try out was the Baby Magic Bag.  This is a mini sized magic bag that you put into the microwave to heat up.  It’s great for gassy tummies.  As I have said before, my baby is a cry baby.  She is extremely gassy and cries non-stop in the evenings.  Before the magic bag, we would have to throw towels into the drier and wait for them to warm up and then wrap the huge towel around her tiny tummy.  It is somewhat effective but not overly efficient.  This magic bag is ready in 30 seconds, and if you’ve ever had a crying baby, 10 minutes crying while waiting for a towel to warm up feels more like an hour!  Having something warm and tiny to put on your babies belly in 30 seconds is more than great.  This has been especially great for Dad as he cannot bear to hear baby cry!

When the magic bag comes out of the microwave, it has the wonderful scent of lavender herbs, which is very soothing.  Lavender is said to soothe headaches, help sleep and create a relaxing atmosphere.  I can even feel the effects of the lavender when my baby uses the magic bag.

You could also put the magic bag in the freezer to make it cold it help sooth aches and pains for baby (and mommy too)

Phew,,, Thanks Tessa for all your great products, our family had a really great time testing them out & think they are great!


Tessa at Baby Indian Products has offered one of our readers a nursing bracelet.

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Tessa at Baby Indian Products is hosting her own giveaway as well. Sign up for her  newsletter and get entered to win a gift basket worth $50!  Good Luck Everyone.



Baby Indian

1088 rue Bourdages

Marieville, Quebec, Canada

J3M 1H5

Tel.: 450-460-7868

24 Jan

WetBag – Superduperdiapers.com Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

Giveaway is closed, but please write a review for Super Duper Diapers in the comments if you have purchased items from them!

Before I write a reaview on the wetbag, I would love to make an overall comment on Super Duper Diapers.  If you are planning on using cloth diapers for your baby and are overwhelmed by all the lingo – prefolds, wraps, All in ones, bucket, washing, Malou at Super Duper Diapers will make everything easy for you.  You can order a whole entire kit with everything included.  Leave out the guess work, she even explains how to store and wash everything.  If you live in the Halifax area she will walk you through everything in person as well.  This one kit should be all the diapers you need for your baby from birth to potty trainning.  If a whole kit seems like too much, you can also order individual diapers as well in bamboo, cloth, over nights, or for swimming.  If you are planning on cloth diapering your baby, look no further, Super Duper Diapers will make it a breeze!

Now on to the review….

Let me start this review by saying “I use this wetbag as my diaper bag I love it so much and it is so roomy.”

The diaper bag I originally bought and used was so huge it wouldn’t fit in the pouch under my stroller, and I have a BIG stroller.  When I received my wetbag from Malou at Super Duper Diapers, I thought this could be a very good alternative to my huge diaper bag.

The wetbag is made out of a waterproof material but the outside is a very stylish green, so it doesn’t look like plastic.  The bag is big enough to fit a few cloth diapers and cream and wipes and even a receiving blanket.  But it’s not so huge that it is hard to carry around.  It fits perfectly under my stroller with room to spare for my shopping bags!  There is also a little clip on the outside of the bag that you can use to tie your bag on to whatever you may like to.  It could be used to clip onto your stroller handle.  It is very sturdy and does not look like it would break.

The wetbag works great for its original purpose as well.  Dirty diapers are tucked away securely in a waterproof bag, and it does not leak.  The nice green colour is also great for my husband to carry around without feeling too feminine.  The best part is, it is less than $10 to purchase.  This is a GREAT price for such a great product!  Shipping is also free, you can’t get better than that.

Malou is a great business woman, just starting out herself.  She uses all these products, and is located in Nova Scotia.  I met Malou at her house.  If you are in the Halifax area, she will give you a great demonstration of all her products and you will leave feeling very confident.  She is also bilingual so she can give a demonstration in French as well.

Overall, I am very pleased with my new “diaper bag”, but if you have a REAL diaper bag and would like me to review it, please send it my way.

Please make sure to view my other reviews for Super Duper Diapers

Bamboo Diaper

Cloth Diaper

Diaper Cover


Malou of Super Duper Diapers is going to give one of our lucky readers a wet diaper bag of their choice.

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Visit SuperDuperDiapers.com and tell me what products you would like to try out.

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24 Jan

Diaper Wrap – Superduperdiapers.com

This diaper wrap from Super Duper Diapers is very smart.  It grows with your baby.   It does not have velcro, so it doesn’t bunch up around the legs and the tummy.  It has snaps!  There are 2 sizes of snaps around the legs and the tummy so as your baby gets bigger, you can make the wrap bigger too.

The wrap fits very snugly around babies legs and tummy.  Many other wraps are not tight around waist and so when baby pees, it leaks along the top of the diaper leaving your baby wet around the waist.  This diaper cover fits so well around the waist.  The diaper is not exposed at all so there is not place for moisture to escape and leave your baby wet.

Another great thing about this wrap, is that there is a little place for air to get through, so you are not left with a soaked diaper.  Along the sides, between the legs snaps and the waist snaps, there is a little gap where air can get in.  The diaper is still fully covered, so no leaks can get out, but there is space to let air in to dry the diaper a little bit.

My husband finds the wrap fits a little too sung around the waist as there is a little elastic ring left around baby’s belly after each use.  The same happens with all of her diapers (even disposables) around her legs and stomach.  I think because the elastics are thin (which makes them fit so well) also makes the indents in her tummy look worse.  I’m not too worried about it!  The main part is, shes dry.  I think she would be more upset with wet clothes than a few little indents!

The great thing about these wraps is that you only need a few.  You can use the same wrap a few times with diaper changes.   There is also no cloth on this diaper cover.  On some other diaper covers I have there is a little bit of cloth along the legs, and if baby explodes through the side it leaves the diaper cover a little yellow even after washing.  If any poop makes its way to this Super duper diaper cover, it will ALL clean out because there is no cloth for the stain to stick to.

When washing these diapers, just throw them in a load with clothes, and to make sure they stay waterproof, do not put them in the drier!  I have to admit, sometimes I forget to take them out and stick them in the drier, but they are still just as waterproof as the day I received them.  I suppose over time it could make a difference.  But once in a while it should be okay.

These wraps are about the same price as those commercial brands, but they are made in Canada and keep baby drier.  If you are looking to be an eco-friendly parent and cloth diaper your baby, please contact Malou at Super Duper Diapers.  She will help with any questions you may have and make cloth diapering a breeze.  Remember shipping is free.

Remember to go here to enter the contest for the free wetbag.

Thanks for everything Malou, your products are great!


If you have used these wraps, please write your own review in the comment section.

24 Jan

Bamboo Diaper – Superduperdiapers.com

This is the first bamboo diaper I have ever used.  I had heard a lot of great things from other moms about Bamboo diapers, so I was very glad to be able to receive one for myself to try it out.

Upon first receiving the bamboo diaper from Malou at Super Duper Diapers, I noticed how thin it was, even including the insert.  How could something so thin keep my baby dry?  Sure enough, last night I put the diaper on my 4 month old, with only 1 insert. This morning I could not believe my eyes (or hands) my baby’s bottom and jammies were dry as can be.  Not even a little tiny bit of dampness, she was completely dry.  I specifically save this diaper to use it over night now.

The great thing about the diaper being thin, is that my baby can wear jeans and other bottoms without her bum looking super big.  In this diaper she can wear clothes her size 3 – 6 months.  In some other diapers, she is already in 9 month old pants!

Another thing I noticed when I first receive the diaper from Malou is the clever design and velcro so the diaper can fit babies as small as 8 pounds, but up to 32 pounds.  I didn’t see how this could be, but when Malou showed me herself how to use the diaper, I thought WOW this is genius, and it would fit a very small and a very big baby.

There are 3 different rows of velcro, the smallest size is simply putting the two velcro ends together, and folding the remainder over top.  For a Medium fit, put the velcro tabs along the 1st row of velcro and fold the remainder down.  For Large, put the velcro tabs on the top layer.  (In these pictures, I folded the extra faric behind so you can see the velcro)

When my husband first put the diaper on, he was a little confused, he thought the diaper was going to be way too big!  Once I showed him how small the diaper could get, he realized that our girl already had to be on the 1st row of velcro.  She is 14 pounds right now, we have to fold down the excess cloth over the top row of velcro, but this also acts as another layer to soak up the moisture.

This diaper does need a wrap over top.  It is not very much more work to put a wrap on top.  True cloth diapers can last longer than All In Ones (AIO) because when washed, there is no outer waterproof layer that slowly loses its ability to keep moisture in over time.  Also, when washed true cloth diapers do become cleaner as the water and soap can clean the diaper on both sides, where AIO have one side that is waterproof so water only cleans one side.

This diaper did shrink in the wash, I contacted Malou to see if this was normal, and she assured me it was.  The diaper still fits my little girl just fine (maybe even better around the legs now).  We have had no poop leaks out the sides or the back, everything stays inside!

Although the initial price of these diapers seems steep, you would only need to make one investment for as many children as you have.  Most babies that are using cloth diaper potty train easier as well, so the 32 pound limit should be fine!

Bamboo makes for a great diaper and it is super soft on babies bum.  These diapers will be a great investment for you and for baby!

Contact Malou, in French or English to purchase these diapers.  You can purchase each one individually or you can order a package, with diapers, covers, swimmers and a wetbag.  A great way to save some money.  Also Shipping is free – you can’t beat that!

Superduperdiapers.com to purchase.

Remember, Malou is giving away a wetbag to one of our readers, please click here to enter.

If you have used these bamboo diapers, please make your own review in the comment section!

23 Jan

Cloth diaper – Superduperdiapers.com

This cloth diaper from Super Duper Diapers had the same unique design as the bamboo diaper.  It can fit babies from 8 – 32 pounds.  Which is great, because you only need to buy one size diaper and your baby can use them until they are potty trained.  Click here to see how the sizes work.

This diaper is VERY professionally made, it looks like they are made for royalty!  The cloth is very soft and the velcro is very sturdy.  I can’t see that they will ever lose their ability to stick.  The elastics are also very snug and fit very well around the legs and back.  This diaper is quite absorbent, however I am very diligent with changing my babies bum to keep it looking beautiful.  I would say this diaper would keep dry for 3 hours during the day.  At night time, I have to add another insert so she will be dry in the morning.  This diaper does not shrink in the wash, and has remained its original shape.

This diaper comes with a matching insert, which makes it easy to match up after the wash.  It has a very cute design which I love to show off to company and other mothers.   I try to only use it after a poop cause I don’t want babies poop to ruin how beautiful this diaper is!  However, it also requires a wrap on the outside, so the beautiful print is only seen while diaper changing is in progress.  I always make sure someone is around to watch me change her so they can see how pretty her diapers are.  I say something like “Can you imagine having something so beautiful to poop on?”  Everyone agrees that the diaper is definitely beautiful.

These diapers are pretty inexepensive, for only $12 each, you really can’t go wrong.  You can also buy a kit which includes 10 – 24 diapers, wraps, liners, wetbag and even the bucket.  If you purchase a kit from Malou the price per diaper goes even lower.  You can pick your patterns as well.   There’s frogs, sheep, hearts just to name a few.


Cloth diapers are cleaner than All in Ones as they can be washed thoroughly to get all the pee and poop out. They are more hygienic and you can feel good about yourself for using them on your precious baby’s bottom!

Super Duper Diapers is offering a free wetbag to one of our readers, please click here to enter!

Please contact Malou at www.Superduperdiapers.com to purchase these wonderfully Canadian made diapers!

If you use these cloth diapers, please write your own review in the comment section.

17 Jan

Snugs Boutique – Cloth Pocket Diapers – Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

Giveaway is closed, but please write a review for Snugs Boutique in the comments if you have some diapers from Snugs!

Snugs Boutique cloth diapers are made by a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) in BC. named Andrea Thompson.  Not only are her diapers amazing, Andrea is a very savvy, accommodating business woman.

The diapers that I am reviewing are the pocket style diapers.  There are many colours to choose from and 3 sizes, small, medium and large.  The plastic snaps allows for a great fit around the thighs and the waist.  No wrap is required for these diapers and there is no leaking.  I do have to put an extra insert overnight, but in the morning everything she is wearing is dry.  My 4 month old has even had some explosive poops in these diapers and nothing has come out the legs or the back.  My baby also has a very smooth beautiful bum, the polar fleece rests against her bottom all day and leaves no diaper rash at all.  The insert, which is “green” sucks up all the moisture!

Dad and Grandma can even use these diapers.  They are very easy to put on, just like the disposable kind.  I am the one that does all the washing and I put the inserts into the pocket so they are ready to go for anyone to use.  My mother has a hard time figuring out how to use other cloth diapers with the plastic wraps, but she put the Snugs on all by herself the first time.

The best part about these eco-friendly diapers is the cost.  Snugs are just a fraction of the price of other cloth diapers and shipping is also reasonable.

Another great thing about Snugs Boutique is Andrea.  I have talked back and forth with her a number of times. I purchased 10 pocket style diapers and between my order and the shipment dates, the price had been reduced.  I contacted Andrea to see if she would throw in another diaper to make up the difference, and she said “YES”.  This is a testament to the great customer service that Andrea provides to her customers.  She agreed to this BEFORE she knew that I would be making a review on her product.

If you are considering cloth diapering your baby, Snugs boutique is a cost effective alternative to those pricey cloth diapers, and they do the same thing.

Giveaway: Snugs Boutique has offered a free sample to a lucky myweeview.com reader.

To Enter: Go to Snugs Boutique and post a comment on what style and colour diaper you would choose if you win!

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Snugs Boutique

405 4th st nw
Cranbrook,British Columbia

14 Jan


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for checking back on my site!

I am almost ready to launch my site to the world! I have a logo created and just need to add it. The finished product should be ready by the weekend! I have a number of reviews created and will be posting about 1 or 2 reviews a week. I also have a number of free giveaways so make sure to check back often.

If you would like your items featured on My Moms view, please contact me. I will be more than happy to review your product. It will help you get more exposure as parents will get a non-biased independent review of your product.

Thanks again & see you this weekend!!!